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10 Proven Tips to Host a Successful Virtual Conference and Summit

With the change in dynamics in 2020, the world has gone virtual. Organizations that never thought about hosting virtual events are transforming their live physical events into a visually rich virtual environment. Today, hosting virtual conferences, virtual summits, and virtual meetings has become an integral part of every industry. It enables organizations to connect with a remote workforce, global delegates, and audiences residing in any corner of the world remotely. A sudden surge in the demand for virtual conferences and meetings has been witnessed recently in 2020. It increased the percentage of virtual conference platforms. Today, the internet is stocked up with a wide range of comprehensive virtual event platforms that offer a wide range of engaging and interactive tools.

Face-to-face interactions during conferences hold their own worth but virtual conferences have closely replicated the same. Organizations around the world are leveraging virtual conferences and virtual summits. Marketers and event planners globally are tapping on the most powerful tool for businesses to keep going. Even before the hard challenging times of the pandemic, virtual conferences were a part of many organizations that are widespread globally. But, today almost every organization has adopted new ways of hosting conferences, offering online education or training courses, and so on.

Hosting a virtual conference or a virtual summit on a virtual summit platform offers many more benefits than physical conferences. It helps in reaching a wide spectrum of attendees worldwide naturally. The virtual conference helps in expanding a company portfolio, increasing visibility, reaching more potential attendees, and generating better leads and revenue. If you are new to hosting a virtual conference you have landed at the right place. In this post, we have listed the top 10 proven tips to host a virtual conference or virtual summit. Let’s get started!

10 Tips to host a successful virtual conference

Hosting a successful virtual conference is a must to reach and attract more attendees and grow your business value. Below are some tips to ensure a successful virtual conference and let your attendees keep coming back to you. Have a look:

Make your content informative & impart learning by adding strong context

 To host a successful virtual conference it is a must to have a strong context for the content. Scheduling several different presenters for a webinar a few days ago and labeling it as a virtual conference is quite easy. The major pitfall that lies with this approach is, that it results in imparting very little learning as sessions are loosely related. For hosting a successful virtual conference you need to put extra effort into adding strong context to the content that delivers real-life immersive experiences. It helps in adding more value to the content and keeps your attendees engaged with a virtual conference.

Keep it easy for others to promote

 Right promotion and marketing of a virtual conference is a key to success. Presenters, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees are the best promoters to promote an online conference as they have a stake in it. Keeping a conference simple helps others to promote and market it seamlessly thus resulting in better attendance. Leveraging direct mail, public relations, and social media channels works quite well in promoting a virtual conference or virtual summit.

Boost networking and interactions via engagement tools

 It has always been believed that face-to-face interactions offer better networking as handshakes and greets add a personalized touch. But, by putting in some effort you can yield better networking and interactions with virtual conferences. Utilize the engagement tools offered by the virtual conference platform to boost better interactions and networking. Organize Q&A sessions, live polls, surveys, etc. during or after a virtual conference session. It helps in boosting better networking as it enables attendees to exchange their opinions and have free-flowing conversations.

Use live video conferencing

 Utilizing live videos helps in boosting attendees’ engagement as it adds a personal touch similar to physical conference experiences. Introducing speakers via video conferencing helps speakers to build a connection with virtual attendees. It helps in boosting engagements phenomenally thus making a virtual conference or a virtual summit successful.

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Offer a strong 24*7 customer support

 A virtual conference that is backed by 24*7 customer support enables attendees to be completely focused on the event. The technical issues faced by attendees while attending a virtual conference can be resolved with the help of prompt customer support. With the help of strong customer support, virtual conferences can hold the undivided attention of attendees. Any glitches faced during the conference can be resolved with strong customer and tech support.

Offer support to your presenters for a successful virtual conference

 To make your virtual conference successful, offer support and opportunities to the presenters of your sessions. Since beginning enables your presenters to have a clear understanding of the event and what you want to achieve out of their sessions. Offer all the necessary tech support required by the presenter to deliver a successful virtual conference. Schedule a call with them regularly before the final day of the conference.

Collaborate with attendees

Attendees can market an event via social media tools such as chats and discussions. They can prove to be a valuable collaborator in marketing and promoting a virtual conference. Featuring attendees in your virtual conference helps in gaining the trust of other attendees as the featured attendees can share their valuable experiences with others.

Build partnerships with sponsors

Building relationships with sponsors that compliment your product or service offerings helps in reaching the potential target audience. However, your sponsors will also help in promoting your event and making it successful.

Benefit from the medium ( virtual conferencing)

Virtual conferences and virtual summits closely replicate the happenings of live physical conferences. A virtual conference platform enables you to organize breakout sessions, and keynote presentations offer better networking opportunities and many other advantages that are far beyond the reach of in-person conferences. The digital medium offers ample opportunities to host a virtual conference or a virtual summit.

Do not skip sending reminders

While hosting a physical conference the necessity of sending reminders gets reduced. Yes, attendees may skip a particular session, but their physical presence makes them a part of most of the experiences at the event. Whereas with virtual conferences, even after paying a registration fee, attendee participation in the conference sometimes takes a back seat due to life circumstances or work commitments. Do not skimp on sending reminders before a conference. It is one of the best ways to combat the issue of less attendance. Send frequent reminders to attendees via emails about the upcoming sessions.

New to the world of virtual events? Or planning to host a first virtual conference? Roll up your sleeves and get ready to deliver a successful virtual conference. Keep the above-mentioned points into consideration to host a successful virtual conference.

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