18 Tips to Keep Your Colored Hair Look Stylish

Color Hair

Almost everyone during their lifetime has opted to color their hair that has faded away quickly. Many a time we want hair color to stay as long and as stylish-looking as it could. With a little extra care and creativity, you can protect your hair color and keep your hair looking as it was colored yesterday.

The following 18 quick tips may just save your day (and color!)

Quality of Hair

The first thing to consider when you decide your hair color is the quality of color you will use. Ask your stylist to use only the best quality colors on your best human hair wigs online; that condition too. While it may cost you an extra dime, it is going to be worth every penny once you are done coloring and you see it staying for long and nice.

Professional hair colors that have superior conditioning properties than those sold loosely in retail are the best option to go for. Another best option is ammonia-free colors, which are all the fury now.

Power of Color Hair

The staying force of color depends on your color choice. You may not know but the red color family is the first to fade away. Colors like red, mahogany, burgundy, and all others from the same family bleed faster than any other color family. You can blame their large molecular size, which makes them difficult to enter into the hair scalp, thus making them susceptible to fade.

Make sure you use a red-colored high-definition that offers minimum stress to the hair cuticle.

Avoid Excessive Shampooing

Too much shampooing can be ruin colored hair or lace closure wigs. While ammonia-free colors are demi-permanent as they have a 20-28 shampoo resistant time frame, permanent hair colors too can fade off too quickly with regular washing.

Wash hair less often to maintain the natural oil of your scalp that naturally conditions your colored hair. This helps in keeping the color vibrant.

Give Gap between two Shampoo Periods

Avoid shampoo your hair right after shampooing. Hair companies alongside stylists suggest mere hair conditioning with a good mask after wiping off the applied color. This aids in unlocking the color.

Give Some Time

Wait for at least two days after you have colored your hair. This will give the color ample time to set in the hair and less likely to be washed off faster.

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Keep Hair Dry

On the days when you take off from shampooing, keep your hair dry by tying it up or by wearing a shower cap. Protect it from getting wet can secure it from fading quicker.

Avoid Hot Water

When shampooing color-treated hair, wash it under tepid or cold water. Never wash hair with hot water, even in winters. This may take a toll on the hair quality and color will fade faster.

Condition Your Hair Well

When you shampoo your hair, make sure to condition it too. Go for hair spas or heavy hair masks once a week to lock in the moisture and make your color-treated hair appear shinier and healthier.

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Use Professional Products

The kind of shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair decides how your hair is going to look. Go for renowned conditioners and shampoo offering high conditioning qualities. Salon grade hair products condition and protect your hair. Thus controlling the damage of color on your hair.

Use Color-protecting Shampoo

Special color-protecting shampoos are available for color-treated hair. Use them whenever you shampoo your hair. Try the conditioner from the same range. This will make your color last longer.

Use Sulfate Shampoos

Look for sulfate-free shampoos. Sulfates tend to wash off color faster, thus making hair look lifeless and dry. Sulfate-free shampoos are a much safer option.

Use Clarifying Shampoos

Clarifying shampoos are good only before coloring. Use them for the removal of any traces of dust, dirt, and chemicals like resins, hairsprays, and wax. Using it after hair coloring may strip away hair color because of detergent’s high concentration in them.

Go for Leave-in Conditioners

Use leave-in conditioners for that added softness and care to the hair. Leave-in conditioners are a great way to protect colored hair from heat styling products, dirt, and dust. Its unique formulation locks-in the moisture and makes it soft and tangle-free for hours.

Use Deep Conditioning

Prefer deep conditioning treatment a minimum of once in 15-25 days if you already have colored hair. These treatments give a boost to the color and make it look fresher. You can either opt for it at a salon or do it yourself at home. Apply a treatment with deep conditioning cream on the hair through roots till tips then wrap your hair up in a warm soft towel. After 30 minutes, wash it to get shinier and healthy-looking hair.

Go for Hot Oil Treatment

A hot oil treatment has its benefits. Go for an oil-rich in minerals such as coconut and castor oil mix. Apply it on hair that has been freshly shampooed and cleaned. Apply heat through a steamer or a hot towel. Wash off after 30mins with cold water.

Use Heat Protecting Products

Heat protecting items are a great way to protect colored hair from heat tools. Spray a healthy amount of mousse or heat protectant spray on the hair before applying a straightener or blow dryer. This will save the hair from going extremely dry and unmanageable. Finish with a protective hairspray.

Healthy Diet is the Key

A healthy diet’s importance to make hair look great, cannot be denied. Your eating habits reflect on your hair and skin. Foods that have fiber, iron, and vitamins will add brightness and growth to your hair. Protein-rich food helps the keratin in the hair and improves texture. Consume protein-rich food such as meat, cheese, fish, soy, and egg whites to enjoy stylish looking hair.

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Avoid Over Processing

Do not over-process your natural hair with color. Follow the time written in the coloring kit if you are in DIY mode. Chemicals in the color will damage your hair if kept for too long. Again, avoid coloring your hair immediately after any chemical treatment such as straightening or perming.


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