5 Proven Ways To Extend Carpet Lifespan

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Carpets only look their best when the right maintenance is executed. If you fail to look after your carpet or use the right carpet cleaning services, it’s likely to fade out after a few years of usage. The right maintenance routine ensures you won’t be needing a replacement for a very long time, possibly 5 years or over. For this reason, our experts at Carpet Cleaner London have decided to dish out useful tips on how to extend the lifespan of your carpet.

Know Your Carpet Type

All carpets are not treated the same way. It’s important to differentiate their fabric type. The best way to extend the lifespan of your carpet is to carefully examine the fabric it is made of and tailor all your cleaning around it.

When it comes to Carpet fabrics, we have wool, polyester as well as nylon carpets. In terms of cleaning, a different approach is needed for all these carpet types. Generally, mild detergents work wonders, but some stains might require you to go extra length, such as the case of a coffee spill. In such cases, you might need to use ammonia.

Also, the rate your carpet attracts dust depends on its material. For instance, polyester carpets are likely to harbor more dust than other carpet types. If you happen to have one, you will need to vacuum frequently.

If you’re not familiar with all the carpet types in the market, you should be ready to ask the seller a bit about the different versions available. You should also know that each material has its life span. For instance, polyester carpets are known to have a shorter usage period than nylon carpets

Vacuum Frequently

Running a vacuum cleaner through your carpet can help remove dust, germs, and allergens, especially if your carpet is made from polyester. Be sure to move your furniture to be able to vacuum the space around it. Aside from that, you want to set your vacuum cleaner to the required level suitable for your carpet fabric.  At a high level, it might damage the carpet, but if it is too low, it won’t have enough momentum to pull dust off the fabric.

You shouldn’t forget to check your vacuum bag before running the machine over your carpet. The bag should be emptied if it’s full as it can inhibit the functioning of the machine when it’s in action. For best results, you want to make multiple passes across the surface. It’s difficult to reach 50% of the dust in your first passing. This is because some particles sit deep and would require extra effort to pull out. This is why you need to get a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Those used by professionals can pull out 90% of the dust in one passing whereas, low budget cleaners might require 6 passes to do so.

Immediately Clean Spills

The more time you allow stains to sit on your carpet, the more difficult it will be to eliminate them. You should not try to clean spots or food spills with your hand. You will only end up spreading to non-affected areas. The best way to remove mild stains is to place a towel over the affected area to break up the stains. Do not try to scoop out cold particles such as ice cream with your hands, rather scrape them out from underneath.

Also, remember to be careful with ink bloats. Trying to eliminate them out of panic will only push them to spread deeper. You want to absorb the bloat with a cleaning cloth without applying any pressure on the rug.

We encourage you to attend to stains as they surface. Quickly clean up any spills to prevent them from spreading deeper. You should always have a cleaning solution around the house. Stain removers will also go a long way to help you expand the lifespan of your carpet.

Keep Dirts Away

Carpets dull out from the accumulation of dust underneath. Your carpet can harbor several Indoor contaminants such as pet fur, soil, and food droppings—all these results in an allergic reaction in kids. The best safety measure is to prevent these particles from coming into your living space in the first place.

High traffic areas around your house get dull due to the accumulation of dust which causes scratches on the fabric. The general rule of thumb is to minimize walking around with outdoor shoes in your living space. Take your shoes off and place them at the entrance before stepping in. If you can’t walk around barefooted, you should have separate footwear to walk around the house.

Change Furniture Arrangements

Sometimes, it helps to change things up. We understand that we love to keep things in the form in our living space, but having a fixed furniture arrangement will create an imprint on your carpet. To prevent this from happening, shuffle your furniture once in a while to change the traffic pattern in your area.

Changing the pattern will switch traffic from one area to another, preventing damages from surfacing at a specific area around your living space.


In addition to the measures for Carpet Cleaning, it helps to invite a professional cleaner into your home from time to time. With the experience of a professional carpet cleaner, you will appreciate the beauty and comfort they bring into your living space.




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