6 Popular Tourist Destinations in Ghana

Popular Tourist Destinations in Ghana

6 Popular Tourist Destinations in Ghana for best your vacation trip. Ghana is a West African country, also called the gold coast, is situated along the Gulf of guinea & Atlantic Ocean. It is a country with multi ethnicities, religions, races. The country has a population of more than 30 million & the area is spread over more than 2 hundred thousand square kilometers. The country is enriched with natural diversity & has many popular tourist destinations for this reason. The country is popular among the other countries because of its natural reserve; it becomes an attraction to the tourist for this reason too. In this article, we will discuss a few popular tourist destinations in Ghana.

  1. Accra

Accra is the capital city of Ghana. This city is considered as the most happening, modern, & the best city in Ghana. There are two million residents who live in the Accra region. If you ever visit Ghana, do not forget to visit the capital city region to witness how it is lively with all modern amenities along with the traditional values it holds. The city has a colonial structure due to the several years of ruling by the colonial government. The city has plenty of places to visit. To name a few, Labadi beach, Coco beach, national museum, makola market, etc.

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  1. Kumasi 

Kumasi is a well-known destination after the present capital city itself. This city was the earlier capital of the country is the second-largest city in the country. Kumasi region is famous for its gold jewelry, kente cloth, woolen stoles, etc. Tourists who love to shop will have a delightful experience while visiting the place. Different types of crafts can be seen in the street of Kumasi. The manhiya palace is a popular tourist destination if anyone has an interest in the history of the region & Ashanti region.

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  1. Lake Volta

If you are paying a visit to the country, you shouldn’t miss the largest man-made lake in the world. It is a must-visit location for someone who has never visited Ghana. The beautiful lake is formed when the Akosombo dam was built over the volta river. The lake is so massive that it captures 3.6% of the landmass of the entire country. Along with lake volta, you can visit Dodi island. You have plenty of options to do around the lake, such as fishing, paying a visit to the dam. Luxurious hotels have been established to attract tourists to the place.

  1. Labadi beach

If you are a party freak, this will be the place to go to & hang out. It is the perfect destination for the locals & tourists to have fun. Labadi also has the most popular shoreline in the entire country. If you are looking for a place to chill out, basking under the sun & lazying around the sand, go for it. Other than that, you can enjoy the local cuisine of that region, stroll around the city. Visit the place on weekends, so that you can enjoy LIVE music with native drumming, local reggae bands, and feet tapping music & dancing. This is the best place to witness the amalgamation of hip hop culture with Ghanaian culture.

  1. St. Georgia Castle

Fishing is the main occupation of the people around here. Elmina is a Ghanaian town where historical places like St. Georgia Castle is situated. If you are visiting Ghana, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit this place. This castle was built by the Portuguese empire in 1482, has beautiful whitewashed walls. The castle has got a dark history because this is where the slave trade used to occur. If you are visiting this to0wn, do not forget to take a local tour guide with you so that you can be guided well & can visit the town around.

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  1. Mole national park

This is one of the popular places & will be the perfect place to visit if you are a wildlife enthusiast. This is situated in the northwest part of Ghana. You can witness many types of animals including buffalo, hyenas, leopards & elephants, etc. There are plenty of bird species available to enjoy. Try visiting the place from January to march to catch most of the animals.

Though there are a lot of places to visit in a country like Ghana, we have summed up a few popular places of the naturally diversified country

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