8 Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About That You Are Spending Way Too Much On


Here’s the truth about your wedding: Some wedding details you are stressing and agonizing about are not really worth it. You know why? It’s because your guests won’t even notice them. The most important thing you need to remember is that your wedding guests should not get bored, hungry, or thirsty as they celebrate your marriage.

If you need to cut costs and save money for other things, here are some things you can scale back. Most likely, your guests won’t even remember but as long as you have the creativity and effort, they will surely remember your big day. Here are some of the things you’re stressing about and your guests don’t even care about it:

Hiring a calligrapher for your envelopes

Wedding guests don’t care about the wedding envelopes, and that sad thing is, most of them will just throw them straight into the trash. So if you’re thinking of hiring a calligrapher to make your envelopes, you might want to turn to sites like Etsy. Try searching on Etsy and they will let you know that envelope addressing, such as the return address and the RSVP envelopes, is more than $6 for each invitation. This is normally the part of your invitation that will most likely be found on their trashcan within minutes of getting inside your guest’s homes.

You can consider using your budget for wedding signs or gifts if you’re serious about wanting hand lettering.

Lavish floral arrangements

Although there is no doubt that floral arrangements are always a great addition to your selected venue and can add some style to space, no one will tell you that silver dip-dyed tulips look silly, plus, they’re just a waste of time and money.

No one will even notice that you don’t have enough designer blooms. Your guests will simply appreciate those friendly, lovely fragrant flowers no matter what, whether they’re exotic or local. Discuss this with your wedding coordinator so he or she can look for the best and affordable floral arrangements.

Specialty lines for tables

It’s understandable how couples want to have the best table arrangements, and they like them as fancy as possible. But honestly, wedding guests don’t care about tablecloths. As long as they don’t have to eat their halibut off a filthy old burlap bag, they’ll be fine, trust us. Just ignore the specialty linens since they are extremely expensive. Save the money for something more functional. Look for something that’s elegant, simple, and affordable.

Extra amenities

Sometimes it can be tempting to go excessive with little wedding details, including personalized napkins, bathroom amenity baskets, monogrammed drink stirrers, and many more. However, it’s a bit obvious that your guests won’t notice these extra things you included in the amenities. You may provide your guests with a basket of essentials like stain remover, feminine products, and first-aid items that they will surely appreciate, but there is no need to go over-the-top with spending time and money to make the most perfect curated basket.

Fancy aisle decor

If your venue is already a wonderful place of worship or a lovely outdoor site, do you think you still need to go overboard with your aisle decor? But if you’re dying to deck out your ceremony space, you may highlight one main point, your arch or altar. Unless you can revamp small buds as centerpieces, they will work amazingly.

Huge centerpieces

Think about the centerpieces you want to have, will your guests be able to see you and the other guests? It’s true that table decorations can improve the entire look of your wedding, but your guests won’t remember whether you used hydrangeas or peonies, or if you have set the votives in Victorian amber candle holders or gold mercury glass. Your guests are mostly concerned about being able to see the ceremony and have a good time with their tablemates without blocking the view. Your centerpiece may look pretty but if it blocks everyone’s view, then that can be annoying.

Extravagant wedding cake

You’re thinking tall layers, 24-carat gold motifs, and handcrafted sugar paste designs for your cake. Having a detailed wedding cake is definitely magnificent, but your guests won’t really notice those details! We suggest choosing a simple yet elegant confection instead. Your guests won’t mind as long as the cake is delicious.

Aside from the cake, you can swap the cake for a dessert bar instead. You can have yummy cupcakes, macarons, or ice cream sundaes that are comparatively affordable, and your guests will be delighted. But if you are the type of person who loves cake for every occasion, then you can opt for a simple cake and get more creative with the cake topper. It’s a great way to customize the wedding and a theme to it.

Wedding favors

Are you really sure about giving your guests customized candles, personalized champagne flutes, and other wedding items? Your guests would probably forget about it and throw them in the trash once they get home. It will only be an added expense for you and your partner. And don’t think about giving your guests fancy soaps, some may love it but for the others, they’ll just dump them on your lawn.

Meanwhile, a great idea you can do for the party favors is a photo booth. Make sure the photos are unlimited and free so they can take them home with them. Who doesn’t love taking pictures, right? Or you may donate those supposed wedding favors to a charity of choice and include a lovely note that will inform guests that you have donated instead of giving gifts. This gesture would be more appreciated and your guests would be willing to support it. You can always opt for food anyway.



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