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How to find best domain name ?It’s Easy With These Tips

Your customers do not expect you to compromise on your web presence since they want to conveniently find your information within no time. If you are starting your new business, make your way to register an ideal .com domain. However, domain availability plays a significant role in writing your domain name. Therefore, there are chances that your business name is not available and a similar business is already up and running.

Navicosoft has solutions to all your problems and issues. Getting a cheap .com domain is very easy with Navicosoft. We value how important your brand is to you. Thus we offer much more than just building a website. Moreover, we ensure to create the best online presence for your brand.

However, if you are unable to find a cheap .com domain, here are a few alternatives that can work for you in finding a solution to this problem.

Make an Offer to its Current Owner:

It is the most expensive and time-consuming solution to your problem. If you have already invested a lot in branding related to your domain name, then investing efforts in buying that .com domain will be worth it.

To proceed, first, you need to find out who owns that domain name. If the domain is live, information will be available on the website, and you can easily contact them. If not, you can proceed to check the WHOIS registry. However, if the domain owner has enabled privacy, you won’t be able to find the information.

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If you want to save time and look for the website owner, you can use a domain broker service Sedo to make an offer for a domain name. You will need good negotiation skills to do so. After purchase, you can register the domain and then transfer it to your web hosting.

Go With a Completely Different Domain Name:

A very convenient approach would be to make alterations to your first-choice domain name. It will still give you the advantage of being close to your competitor’s domain name. However, if you really want a cheap .com domain, your best option will be to come up with a unique idea for the domain name. It is convenient only if you already don’t have a brand and are still in the progress phase. The key to success would be to be creative and search for target customers searching for websites like yours.

Choose a different domain extension:

If you can’t find your ideal .com domain, the easiest option is to go for a little variation and use a different top-level domain. Whether it is a good choice or not depends on your future goals. People trust .com domains more than any other domain but going for other options like .org, .net, .blog, .biz, .info, .club and .shop etc are also a reasonable option.

Wait for the Registration to Expire:

If the owner is actively using that .com domain, the owner will immediately renew it even if it expires. However, if the domain is a parked domain, you might be able to buy it after its current registration expires.

You can find the expiration date in the WHOIS database. Thus, you can check whether the domain about to expire is getable or not. You can never know what the domain owner is planning. There can be various reasons for a parking domain. An important domain name might lose its value, compelling to release as soon as the registration expires. Also, you need to consider the fact that there is no guarantee if you are waiting for domain expiration.

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Take Legal Action

In case of any trademark infringement, copyright, or squatting, you can take legal action to get your domain back. If a business is offering products and services similar to yours and has copied your domain name, you should contact a lawyer.

Another drawback in domain name acquisition is that there are domain squatters. These people buy potential domains and wait until someone needs them. The purpose is to demand a high price for selling a domain. In some cases, domain squatting is illegal. A better option is to resolve it through legal action.

A legal to buy domain names with a potential value is called domain speculation. It allows registering valuable domains while limiting purchases in such a way that it does not infringe on existing trademarks.

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