What Internet Speed Do I Need For Gaming?

best internet speed

Tired of facing constant buffering in between critical movie scenes?

Are lag and delay ruining your intense gaming matches? Well, you have come to the right place. We understand your frustration that you may be facing with your internet services from time to time.

Thus, we took it upon ourselves to help you figure out what actually is affecting your internet experiences. Is it only the internet speed or are there other factors at play as well? Find out as we discuss all of them in a little detail.

Is the Internet Speed Only Thing That Matters?

Many people may not realize this but the internet speed is not the sole decider of your internet’s performance. There are a number of factors in play, all of which play a vital role in the overall outcome.


Even more important than the internet speed that you may know about is your internet bandwidth. Bandwidth can easily be understood as the amount of data that can be transmitted in a certain period of time.

For instance, three cars could easily pass through a three-lane highway, whereas a highway with more lanes could allow more cars. Here, you could imagine the highway as your bandwidth and the cars as the data that needs to be transmitted.

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Data Limit

You are allocated a certain amount of data each month by your service provider. If you are lucky enough to be free from data caps, then you have no worries. However, those restricted by data caps would face a downfall in the internet’s performance once they have consumed their monthly data limit.

Number of Users

A sedan would be much more comfortable for passengers five or less; as compared to cramping up 6 or 7 people in there. Similarly, your internet can only do so much for you; if there is an excess of users on the same network, you would be faced with the poor performance of the network for everyone. Since your internet-only provides you with a certain amount of bandwidth, increasing the number of users would leave very little for each individual to enjoy.

Service Providers and Plans

Often, the problem is with your internet service provider or the plan that you may be subscribed to. You may have subscribed to a plan based on their marketing campaign, but you do have to check whether the provider is actually offering services that were promised.

In some cases, simply upgrading your monthly internet plan will help get the job done. If not, then you could search for the nearest fiber internet by zip code to access blazing-fast internet speeds. You could even have a look at the Wave internet packages since they offer exceptional services at marginally lower rates, provided they are available in your region.

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What Speed Do You Need?

Each type of activity requires different levels of speed to function properly. While some may be achieved with speeds as simple as 3 Mbps or less, others may require more serious fire-power like 25 Mbps or even 100 Mbps and higher. Still, these are some of the basics to help you figure out what speed do you really need.


Most people simply enjoy the internet watching their favorite TV shows and movies on streaming platforms. If you are one of those people, then you would need a minimum of 3 Mbps to download speed to watch content in standard definition (SD).

For enjoying HD content, you may need to upgrade to speeds as fast as 5 Mbps, whereas, Ultra HD 4K content requires download speeds of 25 Mbps and higher.


While each game may require a different level of internet speed for you to properly enjoy, it is safe to say that you would require a download speed of at least 3 Mbps to enjoy a lag-free game. And an upload speed of 0.5 to 1 Mbps will likely be enough for you as well. However, if you prefer to crank up all your graphics in the game, you might want to consider upgrading to a plan offering speeds up to 25 Mbps.

Casual Browsing

And if you are an average Joe or Jane who is not into intense gaming or back-to-back streams, then even speeds as basic as 3 Mbps will help you get the job done. You would easily be able to browse all your favorite social media platforms, do some online shopping, while also enjoying the occasional YouTube video without any buffering.

In a Nutshell

The internet service has become one of the most important utilities in any home. Since people rely on it for even the most basic tasks, subscribing to unnecessarily expensive plans may be understandable. However, we are confident that you will make a much better decision after going through this article.


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