Invisalign Retainers – What You Must Have?

Invisalign Retainers What You Must Have

Can’t wait to head out on that vacation or holiday trip you’ve been planning? It is really fun to unwind and get away from all that stress of work at a weekend beach party or meditation on a mountain. This has a lot of benefits to your emotional health and happiness. Right before you head out, do ensure you pack and go along with your Invisalign retainers together with the following premium Invisalign accessories we are recommending:

Dental Movemints for a fresher breath

Dry mouth and bad breath often happen with the prolonged wearing of Invisalign trays. But there is a hygienic solution to this problem. Your cheap and effective Movemints provide a fresher and better mouth condition that every Invisalign user all around the world is looking for. Movemints are fresh mints without sugar but have a healthy dose of xylitol – an oral health boost! The beauty of using these mints is that while wearing your trays, you can chew on them. Yes, that’s right; it helps your teeth move according to the treatment plan.

For a better Invisalign experience and oral health goals, do remember to travel with these amazing mints even as you plan to enjoy your get-away.

Cleaning spray for a fresher and cleaner Invisalign retainer

To remove debris from your trays, you can use a cleanser to help with that. Cleaning and rinsing your aligners in the course of traveling may not be easy, and as much as you know what the effect of that will be, it won’t go down well with you. So, to be on the safe side, pack a small bottle of tray cleanser as you move. We recommend the Smile Paver Spray from Solaria. This spray is portable and just perfect for that trip.

With the Smile Saver, toothbrushes, mouth guards, and clear aligners can be easily cleaned. Just a single pump can restore the shine and freshness of your trays. This quick action spray doesn’t contain alcohol, peroxide, or sugar, making it one of the most hygienic oral sprays available on the market. It is a good add-on to your London Invisalign Braces.

An easy to carry aligner case

It won’t make sense to look stranded when you take out your trays and don’t have a place to store them away. This is why we encourage you to get an Invisalign case to be with you wherever you may go. Let’s also mention that it’s possible to forget to bring your case along, and this increases your chances of keeping your aligners in places that are not safe. In most cases, you can even lose your trays. Having dirty or lost trays is not a great thing for any Invisalign wearer. Why? Getting a replacement is very expensive and will not be so convenient. So, before you step out that door, check and recheck that you have carried your traycase. In fact, if you can even get an extra case, it will be better. But make sure you pack it as well.

Floss picks to maintain food particle-free teeth

That you are away from home doesn’t mean your daily flossing is now a thing of the past. Dental experts recommend you floss at least one time every day. But from a study conducted a few years ago, only 16% of Invisalign users adhere to this. Why not increase this small number of faithful Invisalign wearers by traveling with a floss pick each time you move? It helps you more than you think. Besides, floss picks are minimally intrusive than the hands for picking and removing leftover food particles from the teeth.

For instance, you can try the Knotty Floss Picks. It is produced from biodegradable polyester and bamboo charcoal. You can extract all those stuck particles or remnants of food and plaque from your teeth with this easy-to-use flossing tool. Also embedded in this floss is an extract from grapefruit. The antibacterial properties of this extract make it easy for toxic bugs that result in gingivitis to be kept at bay. This floss also has a minty flavor that will keep your mouth clean and fresh all day long. You should give it a try.

Tips for removing your trays safely

Invisalign trays can be very tight when you try to remove them, especially in the first few days of using a new set. This is obvious when you want to eat, drink, floss, or brush your teeth. A simple and effective tool for this removal is OrthoKey. It has a hook that can be placed between the back molar and aligner adhered to it, and a gentle pull will remove the aligners in a fuss-free manner. As you work from the back teeth to the front, you won’t experience any difficulty in taking out your trays.

Request for an accessory kit

If you don’t have all these accessories that have been mentioned above, you can have them in this kit when you buy one. A successful Invisalign trip is only achievable when you have all the accessories you need in one safe pack.

In a well-packed accessories kit, you will find the following items:

  • Three OrthoKeys
  • Movemints (7 bags)
  • Knotty floss picks (a bag)
  • An extra case of retainer
  • A bottle of Smile Saver Spray from Solaria

Need cheap Invisalign, in addition to having a simple and effective tool for a fresher and healthier mouth? Movemints provide a painless and healthy oral lifestyle for those who use Invisalign. These mints have been used for years with a track record of success in improving the use of Invisalign trays and the health of those who use them.

If you have not been using Movemints, why not try them today? You might be surprised to find out that they truly fit your trays.

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