Top 7 Online Photo Storage Options for Photographers

best online photo storage free unlimited

We all are using Google drive back-ups and cloud storage for online photo storage in this transforming digital world. The storage of devices has increased from 256 MB to 256 GB in just a matter of a decade, and it is still not enough to store the growing quality of pictures, videos and other data.

Even if space proves to be enough, we look for spaces that can back up and protect our data even if the device or software is damaged. As if all these are not enough benefits, cloud storage allows users to access the data from any device at any time.

Best Options for Online Photo Storage

Looking at this instant growth of cloud storage and its usage, we have sorted a list of some less known phone storage options available in 2021. Please go through this list below to find out about some cool features they provide.

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  1. Backblaze

Backblaze is an affordable storage solution that provides easy usage. It has separate plans for personal and business needs. Users can use it to back-up their pc and other devices for a price of $ 6 monthly or $ 60 annually.

Just to have a feel of how this platform works users can also try it for free for 15 days. It, fortunately, does not have an upper limit for storage and hence users can store unlimited data.

  1. 500px

It is a platform to upload photos primarily made for photographers. 500px also provides tutorials for developing your photography skills. It also conducts quests where users can win prizes for their photographs.

You can use it to earn money for your photographs by licensing themes through 500px. It is more like a community for photographers to showcase their skills globally and get hired.

There are two memberships listed on their website: Awesome and Pro. The Awesome membership starts at $ 2.50 per month, and the Pro membership starts at $ 3 per month. It does not avail of uploading space for any other files than images.

  1. iDrive

iDrive is another ‘all files back-up platform’ where you can upload data from any device into one account. It offers 5GB of storage space for free to the new users and offers other plans for larger requirements.

It provides plans for personal and business use, where you can choose to have one user or unlimited users. However, both the plans allow back-up from an unlimited number of computers. It has a variety of features for users worldwide.

It also has a variety in the plans it provides with differing prices for different needs of users and companies.

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  1. Smugmug

Smugmug is another platform that gives home to photographers to upload their photos. The platform allows unlimited uploads, and the users can customize their sharing audience.

Besides securing and backing up your photos, Smugmug can also help you promote and sell photos. It also provides the feature of printing photographs, that are printed in their trusted labs.

They have many integration methods with photo editing software to allow easy and fast uploads. Smugmug provides a 14 days free trial to all its new users, and the basic subscription plan starts at $ 55 annually, which costs higher at $ 7/ month on monthly payments.

The costliest plan of Smugmug is Pro is stood at $360/ year for the professionals. Besides basic and pro plans Smugmug also offers Power and Portfolio plans and they are priced midway the other two.

  1. Mega

The last in this list is Mega, which is new to the world of cloud storage. The best part of Mega is that it provides 50 GB of free storage on signing up, which is more than any other platform.

Mega offers end to end encryption for a low price, indeed significantly lower than Google Drive and Dropbox. As if this is not enough, Mega gives two months of free usage of purchase of an annual subscription.

The basic plan will cost you 49.99 Euros/ year, and the Pro III plan will cost you 299.99 Euros annually.

  1. Amazon Photos

They have launched Amazon Photos for its users to have an online cloud photo storage platform. As you know Amazon is a world-famous shopping brand, and the users can surely expect a very quality platform for their photography and storage needs.

If you have a great collection of photos you can sell them on various stock photography platforms. You can also sell your creatives to businesses for photo or video editing by the business. Even if you sell them as free stock photos you can make your presence by asking for attribution.

  1. pCloud

pCloud is a cloud storage where you can store and send all kinds of files. It gives 10 GB storage to everyone who signs up. pCloud allows back up of data from dropbox, google drive and one drive and also from Instagram and Facebook. You can also store your photos as albums which is a nice feature to organize photos.

The best thing about pCloud is that it also has an option for one-time payment for all its plans. In their Premium plan, 500 GB of storage is priced at $ 175, and the Premium Plus plan 2 TB of space is priced at $ 350.

It would be cheaper in an annual subscription to users who do not intend to use it for over three years.

How to select the best online photo storage service

This list has given a brief of all the less known cloud storage options available in the market presently. This article will provide you with an idea of what they are about, but it is of high importance that you go through the required websites to know the features straightforwardly.

If you wish to have a photography platform, then 500px and Smugmug can serve as terrific options, while you will have to prefer other options for ‘all file’ needs. Users will have to list down their needs and scroll through various options to choose the best option for them.

If you keep a non-serious outlook while choosing your storage platform, you will end up paying more for features you would never use.


We hope that this article has served you well, and you know where to go to choose an online photo storage platform for yourself. All of these platforms might be less known, but they are very secure and trustworthy. Have a good time storing and sharing your files!


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