Key Concept of Business Creation / Implementation In 2021

business plan implementation

The Business has a set of rules that once for all the Business is first planned than its aids with moving towards the implementation. Let’s look at how the plan of a particular business is formed in the manner of leading towards the following aspects:

Social Media Plan

The first step is to move with the social media plan of a particular business. We have our page on Instagram, Facebook, and promote our products, and show our journey on YouTube with some exciting content to get more attention from the target audience. On social media, we will try to boost or promote our posts and videos to reach a higher number of audiences online, which will help gain their attention and might gain their interest. Apart from this, we will have our company blog website as well, where we will be posting different articles related to our culture and culture-based art so that people who like to read articles and blogs can see what our main motive is and can see the creativity we are using in our service and products to take interest towards it. Moreover, we might also plan to reach out to different bloggers and influencers to send them a proper PR package through which they can show it to their followers and help us promote our page.

We might even organize different PR-related activities for them like Art Truck rides or tours so that bloggers can know better about the culture and promote it with fun content. This way we can reach different people from different cultures and be something new and attractive for them hopefully.

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Lead Generation Plan

  • Lead generation would be done through several leads, such as:
  • National magazine and newspapers advertising
  • Customer referral programs
  • Professional referral discounts
  • Bloggers and influencers
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • YouTube video advertisement
  • Truck tours to go around the city by showing our art to everyone on the road.

The leads generated will be tracked by a professional company’s customer relationship management program that can easily export information for mail merge purposes and import information from different online entries. The plan would also track necessary contact information, the source of the lead the date of the charge, and any

data from the online inquiry form, if used.

The CRM system will also have customer service fields, including notes about additional services requested and provided and other personal information gleaned from observation and conversation.

Lead Conversion Plan

  1. Prospects may be cultivated through the following procedures:
  2. Offered a complete catalog of all the products and services online both on the Website and the Application.
  3. Directed to products specifications for a detailed run-through of the quality of the products/ service
  4. Emails may be sent every week containing promo codes, discounts, and entry of new products in the market.
  5. Members of our website or app may be given extra discount packages and special treatment on their visit to the shop.

Service Experience

Customer loyalty will be dealt with in a much more luxurious way. Customers will be provided with many benefits consisting of discounts and free services as per their wish and loyalty towards the brand. Customers’ ideas may also be reviewed to improve our brand and cater to their desires to understand their country’s likes and dislikes.

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Loyalty Product/ Service Offerings

Loyal clients will be offered many services such as free wallpapers and free decoration pieces according to the amount of loyalty they have given towards the brand. There will be discount cards that may be issued at the expense of higher purchases to get other attraction from the clients. We may also provide merchandise to people who give unique new ideas for new services or products. They will be catered with a specific number of products within the best budget which may also not concern us with any losses and will be a great attraction.

Customer Retention

Quality and service assurance is Dominant to the success of the Business. The following measures may be taken to assure this:

Clients/customers may be asked to express how they feel about the ambiance and products; reviews may be taken from them and made products better and more attractive.

Employees that may not be able to cater to the customers respectfully may be put on probation to make them work harder, if behavior remains, they may be replaced.

Customers may be requested to fill in digital reviews in one of our Tablet systems present at the shop. It may be done as a short 1-2 min survey that may contain 4-5 questions.

All staff and management will be given written guidelines on what to follow and the goals and objectives that need to be achieved.

Marketing Calendar

A marketing calendar is a written roadmap for the marketing activities that we may have, visualizing all our plans and when to complete strategies during a specific period. The plan’s launchings have the capability to show its very first branch starting 14th August 2021 and onwards provide customers with a diverse variety of services step by step. Every month we may target different products and services and launch them with exciting new Advertisements and promos.

Our marketing manager may keep a record every week to keep an eye on all key metrics against the actual outcome. It may be all visualized on an Excel sheet.


Final Thought 

The blog’s final thought is that Business requires planning and planning aids the later on the destination leads towards the mode of implementation.


The critical tip of the blog is that for taking a kind of business decision. One must consider the Reviews of that particular aspect. To understand it more clearly if you are having a lot of manual work, so in this situation, you can use the Business Reviews and then move for taking the right point of decision.

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