A Detailed Analysis on Creating Citations

Analysis on Creating Citations

At some point in your academic life, you must have been asked to cite your sources. But what exactly is a citation? Citation is giving credit to the original authors of the sources. It involves a specific set of rules for citing sources in academic writing. You can find the rules published in an official handbook.

 It provides necessary details to the readers to find the sources’ location on the cited page. It is important to give the original author credit to maintain academic integrity. Maintaining accuracy throughout citing sources should be your top priority.

The mark of good research is paying attention to detail. The proper attribution of sources includes details like the correct spelling of author names, page numbers, and accuracy of facts while presenting them in your work.

We will list out different types of citation styles below:

  • APA style
  • AMA style
  • MLA style
  • Harvard style
  • Oxford style
  • Vancouver style
  • Chicago style
  • OSCOLA style
  • ACS style
  • APSA style
  • NLM style
  • AAA style
  • IEEE style

The type of citation you are using depends on the academic discipline involved. Citing sources is the perfect way to combat plagiarism. It will include details like the name of the author, date, location of the publishing company, journal title, or DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Each style comes with specific rules for in-text citations, reference list entries, and your paper’s formatting. Since the differences can be very subtle, you need to carefully check the rules of each style you are using. Students who barely have any time going over the rules of an APA citation generator or referencing generator for their preferred style.


Different types of in-text citation

While you are referring to a source, you must include a brief citation within the text. We will list three main types of citation:

Numeric citation: You must use the correct number for each source in the reference list.

Parenthetical citation: In this type of in-text citation, you will have to put the source reference within parenthesis directly in your text. You must include the author’s last name, publication date, and page number within the parenthesis.

Note citation: In note citation, you will be required to add the source reference in an endnote or footnote.


Reference list entries

Your reference list will be located at the end of your work. Each entry on the reference list must correspond to an in-text citation. This way, the readers will find complete publication information to find the sources easily. Each style follows a specific order of information. The type of format also depends on the type of source you are citing.


Few of the styles involve rules on formatting. It might include a guideline covering margins, cover page, titles, spacing, font size, and headings.

7 Major Reasons Why You Should Cite Your Sources

Citation is the easiest form of preventing plagiarism. It comes as a gesture that authenticated and accurate resources are being used. Below, we will share important points that describe the importance of citing sources:

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Readers understand the existing research source

The citation will enable students to find out detailed information about the existing research sources. The citation information will help the students to do more research from the sources you have included in the text. When you follow the basic format for correct citation, it maximizes accuracy and minimizes uncertainty.

Adds credibility to your academic paper

When you cite all the sources, you will be proving to the professor and other readers that you are using the most updated information.

Helping future researchers

Keeping track of the sources will help you find your future research sources. It might demand great effort for producing accurate results, but it will save your time in the long run. However, if you face an issue regarding citing sources accurately without missing any punctuation, capitalization, etc., seek professional guidance from the best homework help service.

To acknowledge the work of others

When you acknowledge others’ work, you are giving credit to their hard work. It shows your academic integrity. Stealing other’s work without acknowledging them shows dishonesty. Just imagine how you would feel if someone takes credit for your ideas or words?

Combat plagiarism mistakes

 You will minimize the chances of getting your work plagiarised by citing your sources properly. You will be saving yourself from the embarrassment of academic misconduct. You can be doubly sure that your paper is 100% free of plagiarism errors by using online plagiarism tools.

It makes you a better writer

When you are citing the sources properly, you are not leaving any questions in your reader’s mind. You must use active language and avoid raising any red flags during citation. When you are consistent with citing all your sources, it removes the hallmarks of intellectual vagueness, laziness, sloppy writing as outright false claims, generalizations, and clichés.

Shows how well-informed you are

The bibliography is a compilation of the various sources. An extensive bibliography will show how widely read and well-informed you are. It is the perfect way to show off your vast knowledge.

Wrapping up,

Understanding the importance of referencing is the key to get a successful career. As a writer, you must maximize your hard work and effort while finding each source’s information. You will have to give a sufficient amount of time to citation. If you face trouble with creating an accurate citation, you can always seek guidance from an online assignment help service.


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