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Just like other MMORPG games Destiny 2 also has classes at the beginning from which you will choose. It is divided into three categories that are Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. Each of the Destiny 2 classes has its own unique abilities and perks. Each of the classes is good in its own way all you need is to find the way to use these classes. All of them also have their own 4 sub-classes too. We are going to explain how the classes work so that you can choose which style is more suitable for you.

If you are a beginner and want to know about the classes before choosing or you have already played for a couple of hours but want to know about other classes then this article is for you.

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In Destiny 2 hunter is the most used guardian class. It is very useful for players who are used to fast pace and close combat gameplay styles. You can play solo with this much easier than in other classes.

Hunters have great agility which helps you act quickly than other classes. Because they are very agile you can dodge and deal damage at the same time while others classes might have to get behind something to get cover. As Hunter’s class ability is dodging if you can use the dodge abilities you will be able to make the best use of the class. There are two types of dodge:

Gambler’s Dodge: when used near an enemy it will recharge your melee ability energy.

Marksman’s Dodge: when used it will reload your equipped weapon.

By using dodge ability you can not only avoid the enemy attack but also deal some quick damage as it reloads or recharges your weapon or melee ability. Especial note, : Destiny 2 Game Lost Souvenir Riddle Solution is needed for getting  guardian classes

If we go to the jump section you can use jump to move much faster on the map or surprise your enemy from above. You can use the Strafe jump to close the distance and to get higher use the triple jump.

As for the Supers

  • Gunslinger: Here Hunters uses a flaming pistol that can one-shot an enemy.
  • Arcstrider: Hunters use the stuff made of arc energy that can be used to hit multiple nearby enemies continuously or hitting a single enemy very quickly.
  • Nightstalker: there are two variants in here too first one where you use a bow to make your enemy slow and weak and the other one called spectral blade that helps become invisible and deal some light and heavy damage.
  • Revenant: Here you throw two things one after another. The first one freezes your enemy while dealing with some damage and the second one makes a kind of tornado that slows your enemy and also deals some damage.


You can say they are the tanks in here. Titan class does both defenses and sometimes gives buffs to their teammates. Their class ability is a barrier that can absorb all kinds of damage. The more powerful your guardian is the more damage it can absorb. Again there are two types of barriers the first one is Towering Barricade that only gives protection and the other one is Rally Barricade that makes a small barricade that also quickly reloads your currently equipped weapon.

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If we talk about the Supers, Titans superpowers are mostly melee-oriented.

  • If you use Striker subclass titans straightly jump on the enemy and use their fist to deal damage.
  • In the Sentinel subclass, they use a shield just like Captain America. You can use it to guard or throw the shield to deal damage.
  • The Sunbreaker subclass, it uses a giant hammer of fire to deal damage.
  • At last Behemoth subclass. Here, you hit the ground that freezes the enemy then you attack the enemy to shatter the frozen enemy.

For players that like to play the defensive role will like this class. In this class, you can take full benefits of the armor system in Destiny 2 as it is a class that rules in the defensive category. With great armors, you can make your guardian powerful enough that will be hard to beat.


Warlock plays the supporting role here. It can heal the teammates or give damage buffs to the teammates. For a beginner or who wants to play the supporting role, this will be the perfect class for them.

Warlock also has a different type of jump that is also called gliding which is for some people is hard to get used to but if you can master that it will be very useful because warlock has great accuracy in the air than other classes. So, mastering it will be beneficial. There is another ability called blink which is like teleportation which can be used to reduce the distance between you and your enemy as fast as possible.

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Warlocks class ability is Rift again there are two types of rift one is Healing rift that heals your teammates when they come inside and the other one is Empowering rift that increases your teammate’s weapons damage.

For the Supers

  • Dawnblade: it has two variants the first one uses a blade of fire to deal damage by raining it from the sky and there is another that creates a giant well of light that heals guardian that goes inside of it.
  • Stormcaller: Here you use a chain of lightning to deal damage to your enemy.
  • Voidwalker: A giant orb of void light called a Nova bomb that you can shoot on your enemies or you can use the Nova Warp where you float around the map and make explosions into your enemies.
  • Shadebinder: Here you shoot ice to freeze the enemies and then you can do AoE attack to shatter the frozen enemy.

In here we write only about the main classes and a little bit about subclasses. You have the option to play all the classes in the game if you are unable to choose a class. Play all the classes to find out which is very compatible with your playstyle. If you can choose a class after reading this we will be happy to know that it was helpful.

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