Essential Tips to Eat Healthy During the Pandemic

Tips to Eat Healthy During the Pandemic

It does the body well to eat good food. Eating a healthy diet and drinking enough water on a daily is essential for adults and everyone as it strengthens the immune system and makes the body less vulnerable to the attack of disease and infection.

A daily intake of fresh, unprocessed foods delivers the right nutrients: proteins, antioxidants, dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins to the body. Ensure your water consumption is sufficient. Sugar, salt, and fat will increase your chances of being obese and have health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, some cancer types, and stroke.

So, what’s the nutrition food for covid 19? Keep reading to find out.

Fresh and unprocessed food is important

  • Take more of whole grains and nuts (unprocessed oat, millet, wheat, maize, brown rice, or starchy tubers or root crops like cassava, yam, potato) and legumes, vegetables, and fruits (beans, lentils) and animal-sourced foods (milk, fish, eggs, and meat)
  • Eat 4 servings of fruits (2 cups), 5 servings of vegetables (2.5 cups), 160g of beans and meat and 180g of grains every day. For red meat, you can eat it once or twice every week, and poultry twice or thrice every week
  • Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods rich in salt, sugar, or fat
  • Overcooking vegetables and fruits is not good as too much heat can reduce the essential vitamins
  • Opt for canned fruits and vegetables that come without sugar or salt

Stay hydrated daily

  • Life without water is lifeless. Water takes compounds and nutrients around the blood, removes waste, prevents friction at the joints, and keep body temperature normal
  • Each day, take 8 to 10 cups of water
  • While water is very important, other drinks can be taken as well. For instance, vegetables and fruits like unsweetened lemon juice mixed with water, coffee, and tea. Avoid taking excessive caffeine, fizzy drinks, fruit juice concentrates, syrups, and sweetened fruit juice since they’re sugary

Cut down on your consumption of oil and fat

  • Instead of red, eat white meat like fish and chicken as they have low fat
  • Take unsaturated fats like those found in olive oil, corn oils, nuts, fish, sunflower, avocado, and canola instead of saturated fats found in cheese, cream, butter, fatty meat, etc
  • Don’t eat processed meat because of its high salt and fat content
  • Take low-fat dairy products and milk as much as possible
  • Foods that are processed, frozen pizza, margarine and spreads, fast foods, cookies, and snacks often contain trans-fat, so don’t eat them

Reduce sugar and salt intake

  • Don’t put too much salt or condiments high in sodium like a fish sauce when preparing your meal
  • Use around a teaspoon of salt every day, and choose iodized salt
  • Instead of snacking on sweet snacks like cookies and cakes, eat fruits
  • Snacks rich in salt and sugar should be avoided
  • Sugary drinks like sodas, fruit juice, yogurt drinks, fruit juice syrups, and others should be avoided

Eating out isn’t encouraged

Do more of the eating at home to limit contact with other people and keep your covid-19 risk on the low. Avoid crowded places and maintain at least a 1-meter distance from persons sneezing or coughing. This is because droplets can fall on surfaces, and people can pick them without suspecting. So, wash your hands as much as possible and get PCR test for the next day’s results.

Supper from counselors and psychosocial groups

It’s true that healthy foods and enough water can boost your immune system; however, these are not the only option. This is because those with serious sickness that has been confirmed or suspected to have coronavirus may require help with their diet and mental health to be sure they remain in a healthy state.

There are well-trained medical experts and community peer counselors that provide psychosocial support and counseling that may be of help to you.

Now that you know the nutrition food for covid 19, do well to keep up with it. Always seek advice from health professionals and be on your guard always, especially when out in public.


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