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Benefits of Using Facebook Widget on a Website?

We all know very well that Facebook is one of the most widely used and one of the largest social media platforms. Embedding Facebook feeds on a website can add a lot more worth to your website. Embedding a Facebook widget on a website just not let you promote your business on Facebook, rather, it will also intensify and strengthen the marketing strategy of your brand.

Adding Facebook feeds on a website will not only attract and engage your regular audience, instead, it will also help you in expanding your audience reach and increased brand awareness. In this article, we will explore the profitable benefits which your brand can grab by just embedding a Facebook widget on a website.

What Is Facebook Feeds & Facebook Widget?

Facebook feeds are the content that is posted by other users and displayed on the page of the brand as a newsreel or in the form of a gallery. Facebook feeds include images, texts, videos, or any other form of content that is being posted by the users on the Facebook platform.

Facebook widgets are at-a-glance accessible information or content which can be easily displayed either on the footer, header or in any widget-friendly area of the website. It helps your users to access your brand’s social media platforms easily and without even drifting away from the official website.

How To Embed Facebook Widget?

Adding a Facebook widget on your official website will help you connect your social media platform audience with the official website. It will help you in attracting new customers and gaining more leads. I have listed a few methods through which you can efficiently and easily inlay Facebook feeds on a website. These includes:

  1. Through Plugin or Widget.
  2. In-built Embed Post Feature of Facebook.
  3. With the help of Taggbox, the Best Social Media Aggregator Tool.

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Inescapable Benefits of Embedding Facebook Widget on Your Website

Embedding a Facebook widget on your website could help you attain impeccable benefits for your brand. I have outlined some of them which are unavoidable. It includes:

  1. Enhances User-Engagement:

    When you add a Facebook widget to your website, it helps your visitors to explore what your users have to say about your brand. By embedding Facebook feeds on a website, you collate and showcase the user-generated content which was shared by your users as an experience with your brand & products or services. By incorporating user-generated Facebook content on your website, you induce your prospects to know what is the uniqueness of your brand and also persuade them to make the purchase decision.

  2. Represents Social Proof:

    Showcasing or demonstrating user experience to your new prospects or users will make them believe that actually the products or services which you offer are actually good and people are using them widely. User-generated content works as social proof for your audience and influences them to follow the same cycle. This user-generated Facebook or social media content helps your brand in converting your visitors to loyal customers.

  3. Builds Trust:

    Attaining the trust of your users is the most important key to building a huge user base for your brand. Facebook feeds on a website will help you gain the trust of your customers by showcasing real and genuine user-generated content from Facebook. To influence the purchase decision of your customers you need to gain their trust and build a strong relationship with them.

  4. Improvised Conversion Rate:

    When your brand acquires the trust of customers, they won’t give a second thought while purchasing from your brand. Embedding Facebook feeds on a website will help you expand your audience reach, enhance user engagement, and will also enable your users to connect with your brand more comfortably. It will result in an increased conversion rate of your brand and will also help you build a huge loyal user base.

  5. Adds to the Vitality of the Website:

    Facebook widget is the representation of the collected & curated user-generated content in the form of images, videos, or texts which will add value to your official website also makes it more attractive & vital. The official website is the first point through which your prospects try to get in touch with your brand. So, it needs to be very engaging & response-driving, and Facebook feeds on a website can help you in adding vitality to your website making it more responsive, attractive, and colorful.

  6. Increased Dwell Time:

    Facebook feeds on a website that lets your users relate & connect better with your brand. When you add user-generated content in the form of a Facebook widget on your official website, it enables your users to explore your social media pages and keeps them on your website for a longer period of time. Increased dwell time of the users just not helps you in increased conversion rate rather it also helps you attain a higher rank on the search engine result page (SERP).

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The inescapable benefits which I have mentioned above must have explained the importance of embedding a Facebook widget on a website. Introducing Facebook feeds on a website will not only render these benefits rather it will help you in increasing your brand awareness and brand visibility.

Incorporating the Facebook widget is a simple-to-do task and can help you in attaining the huge user base and maximum business benefits that you need to acquire an exponential growth of your business.

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