Which is the best free music app for iPhone?

free music apps for iphone without internet

Good music can indeed make you laugh, enjoy, sad, & excite by evoking your soul with tons of emotions.    

Free music apps are the need of the hour for hardcore music lovers nowadays. Whether you’re in a party mood or just need a dose of soothing music to calm yourself, you can tune in to your favorite song or ready-made playlists on these music apps. Forget those days when you have to load your device’s storage to access your song collection as free music applications like Spotify, Shazam, Amazon Prime music, etc. are offering streamlined experiences of listening to classic songs.

From the days of downloading songs on your mobile phone to switching to free music apps for a vast collection of songs from various genres on it, the growing familiarity with advanced technologies and 5G internet connectivity transformed the way people access digital content for entertainment or various daily activities. And when it comes to listening to online music, the surging popularity of free music apps among Apple owners has been encouraging the demand for cloning iPhone app development from the past few years. No surprise, Android users can get hundreds of options with free music apps but finding the ideal iPhone music app is a big struggle for those who want free & uninterrupted access to quality music.

Quick stats on free music apps

Spotify became the most popular music app among the global iPhone users with more than a total of 3.2 million downloads in Sep 2020 while Shazam was the second most-downloaded music app that garnered 1.28 million downloads in the Apple app store.

If you own iPhone and want to keep your favorite music playlist handy then your quest ends here as we’ve got a list of best free music apps for iPhone that you must try other than Apple iTunes.


Spotify is a big player in the free music streaming app market. It’s available on both iOS and Android platforms. This iPhone music app brings a great collection of songs for free with some exclusive features:

  • Live radio channels to keep you entertained with back-to-back radio tunes on your mobile phone or podcast.
  • More than 60 million songs with active shuffle mode.  
  • Offline access to downloaded songs with advanced DRM protection on the app.
  • Paid subscriptions for ad-free access to all playlists, bags of podcasts, & full compatibility on almost all devices.  
  • Compatible with the latest iOS 8.2 version.



It is one of the best-known free iPhone music apps in the market these days. Users can switch to this iOS music streaming platform to play music directly through streaming or the desired radio channel. Some exclusive features of this trending music entertainment app are here:

  • Runs on iOS 7 & other major versions. 
  • Offers personalized music streaming experience with options to discover, play, pause, like, & dislike songs with an easy voice command. 
  • Share songs with friends and tune in to free music streaming for free. 
  • Switch to any modes from six Pandora modes to listen to music from different genres. 
  • Pandora Premium and Pandora Plus for ad-free music, office listening, unlimited skips, replays, optimized audio quality, & more for paid subscribers  


SoundCloud has maintained its candidature to be named as the world’s biggest music and audio streaming platform with over 120 million tracks from global artists & singers. SoundCloud for iOS brings a wide community of artists & music enthusiasts to discover blockbuster music from hit tracks of hip hop, electronic, rock, podcasts, sports, audiobooks, & more. The app gets all original songs, remixed songs, & other tracks together on your iPhone or iPad along with these interesting features:

  • Free access to over 120 million songs and mixes for varied occasions.
  • Download and play later in an offline mode. 
  • Create playlists for parties, workouts, festivals, yoga, or other mood and share with friends. 
  • Live interactions with popular music artists. 
  • Ad-free music for a non-stop listening experience with exclusive benefits for premium subscribers only at $5.99/month.

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If you are one of those who look for better free music streaming alternatives to try on their iPhone then Evermusic is the best option to give a try.  The demand for cloning iPhone app development for such apps is high in the media & entertainment industry for these reasons:

  • From MP3 to AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF, & M4R, it supports all major audio formats.
  • Runs as one music player and downloader for iPhone as well as iPad.  
  • Cloud service support on Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, OneDrive, etc. to transfer your music collection and free space on your iPhone device. 
  • Uninterrupted access to high-quality music (downloaded songs) even in the offline mode. 
  • Features audio equalizer, bass booster, playlist organizer, editor, audiobooks, filtered search, Apple CarPlay, crossfade playback, & more. 

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon provides free music streaming services to its prime customers. The subscribers can log in to the Amazon music app from their usual account to get unrestricted access to hit tracks and songs without paying extra fees.

  • Available on both iPad and iPhone. Compatible with iOS 7.0 version. 
  • Thousands of music stations and playlists of songs from different genres, languages, regions, & countries.    
  • Cloud-based voice search service on Alexa
  • HD music streaming with unlimited skips ad-free and hands-free access on cross devices.  
  • Save songs and play later in the offline mode.

iHeart Radio

The music application is immensely popular among people who are fond of listening to radio tunes. If you too cherish songs of the early ’90s then using the free music streaming app is all you need to install on your iPhone. Here are some impressive features of this radio music app:

  • Live radio stations with popular channels, tracks, & top charts from famous personalities. 
  • Local AM & FM radio stations covering news, sports, comedy, music, audio chats, & more hot channels. 
  • Add favorite podcasts and save them to play in offline mode. 
  • Create unlimited playlists and create ‘my favorites’ playlists for a personalized experience. 

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Apart from the above-mentioned free music applications, hundreds of free audio streaming platforms are available for iPhone users. Right from listening to the soul-satisfying songs to sharing them with your loved ones, music apps like Spotify have been a source of entertainment for people and that’s why more & more artists are emerging on such platforms.

To make sure you have a wide range of options of free music apps for your iPhone, we have put up the top best 6 of them. Hope the mentioned music apps for iPhone users were helpful. These apps will surely give you a great listening experience without getting disappointed. Moreover, for diehard music fans, the apps will prove to be the “8th Wonder of the world”. So, get going, choose according to your needs.


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