Which Type of Girls Belt Should You Consider Buying in 2021?

little girls belts

Gone are the days when only boys used to wear a belt as now, the fashion industry has reached its peak and offering a handsome range of belts not only for boys but also for girls. They are available in various sizes and shapes and dazzling and beautiful buckles to help you stand out from a crowd. Moreover, an additional advantage is that a belt can change the look of pants, jeans, or dress by itself as a fashion accessory. But which type of belt should you get your hands on? We have compiled a list of girls’ belts types for you to choose one according to your taste. 

Belt with Buckle

Buckle belts are one of the most commonly used belts among girls. They come with a simple strap and metal buckle that appears on the front. The strap’s material, however, may be different, i.e., fabric, plastic, or leather. Some belts sport a changeable buckle that becomes a piece of many other straps. They are normally made of aluminum and alloy of zinc alongside a special coating. The Ladies Belts with buckles are very much affordable as they range between AU$11-25 only. 

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D Ring Belts

The next belt you’ll see in the market is none other than the D Ring Belt that comprises two D rings on each side of the straps. The major advantage of these belts is that one can wear them with ease, in a matter of seconds. In order to wear it, all you have to do is to cross the pant loops to insert the belt. Insert the other side of the belt through the rings which pass through to the next ring, now lock the belt in place under the second ring and you are done. 

Metal Belts

Metal belts for girls normally come into action on special occasions such as weddings when you wear gowns or a formal dress at home. Quite a few metal belts are loaded with chains whereas others are solely made of filigree silver or gold metals. The belts with chains are usually made of chains. 

Military Belts

This nylon web belt is usually worn by military personnel. However, you can this military belt in the market with ease and use it the way you want. It comes in multiple colors such as Khakhi, Blue Navy and Black. It has a bit thick strap that is connected to a metal or plastic buckle. You can find these belts with several other names in the Australian market such as a military gang of nylon, army gang, webbing belt, military webbing gang, and others. 

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Chinch Belts

A Chinch belt is also known as a fitting belt that is designed to tighten your waist and encircles it to make it look quite small. You can find this belt either in stretched fabric, leather, or elastic. IT comes alongside a buckle to tie the belt. Besides, by thinning your waist, the strap gives you a figure you always wish to have. However, you shouldn’t use it inside but over the loops. It normally suits everyone from 24-48 waist size – thanks to its extended property. 

Corset Style Belt

Corset style belt for girls is a kind of another cinch belt that binds you in every form to a slim figure. Get yourself poured into this belt so tight so that you will get a figure you always wished about. It’ll give you a figure like Elizabethan ladies who actually wore Corset Style Belt regardless of its awful pain and discomfort. 

Other Options for Girls

  • Braided Belts
  • Hip Belts
  • Lace-up Belts
  • Obi Belts
  • Horseshoe Buckle Belts
  • Suspender Belts
  • Sash Belts
  • Bow Belts
  • Peplum Belts & more

There you have it – Is there any particular fashion belt for girls you would like wearing? What are your thoughts about the above-mentioned best girls’ belts? Drop your opinions down in a comments box.

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