Importance of HVAC System Maintenance

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How to Prevent Costly Duct Repairs?

People living in Georgia are aware that an HVAC system is a must-have. It helps you keep cool in the summer season and warm in the winter season. This continual use can cause wear and tear to the system. Hence, routine maintenance by a professional can help prevent the issue. If you are careless about your heating and cooling unit, you may have to spend a great deal of money. Roughly used HVAC units become highly efficient and may lead to system replacement. This can be even more costly. Hence, as an HVAC owner, you must know the basic tips and techniques of preventing costly duct repairs.

Importance of HVAC System Maintenance

An HVAC system is a complex electrical unit that requires the right care and maintenance for proper functioning and a long lifespan. Regular maintenance of the system can be highly beneficial. It improves the system’s efficiency, regulates energy use and utility bills, and enhances the unit’s longevity. Also, you will have to deal with fewer emergency repairs. Continuous use of heating and cooling systems can cause the build-up of dust, filth, and contaminants.

Cost of HVAC replacement in the US

Homeowners who overlook the importance of monthly HVAC maintenance will have to pay for a system failure. In this scenario, you will have to replace the heater, AC, or heat pump.

For this, you will have to spare $8000 – $15000 to replace your unit. The cost is dependent on the unit size, efficiency level, technology or model you choose, and payment of the service.

It is a fact that heaters last more than air conditioners. If both units are installed simultaneously, heaters may last for five years or more while the AC will demand system replacement earlier.

Hence, if homeowners are spending money to upgrade their AC system but leave the heater, you are wasting funds as the air conditioning system is only 50% upgraded and will not function as efficiently as it is meant to.

Hence, if you plan to update your AC unit, you must upgrade the heater at the same time.

How to Measure AC Efficiency?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) is a measure of evaluation that calculates an Air Conditioner unit’s efficiency. The rating ranges from 13 to beyond 21. A higher score indicates that your AC system is more efficient that will cool your home and regulate your energy bills.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a percentage measure that calculates the heater’s efficiency. The percentage ranges from 80% to 100%. A higher percentage indicates the system is more efficient and uses less energy.

Tips to Prevent Costly Repairs

Homeowners must know why HVAC preventative maintenance is important and how it can impact your household. Below are six key steps that you need to practice to regularly ascertain your AC system’s proper functioning.

Cleaning the System

Outdoor ACs and heat pumps are likely to get dirty with regular use. This will make your system work harder to maintain optimum functioning and result in high energy bills. Hence, cleaning the condensers and heat pumps decrease the possibility of inner damage to the components. You must ensure that the top and sides of the outdoor AC unit are clean.

Also, your system must be on a level. If it is crooked, the refrigerant might get disorganized. This will put your condenser and compressor at a greater risk of failure.

Inspecting the Air Filter

The most common reason to hire an HVAC contractor is to repair a dirty air filter. Hence, filter replacement is the most basic HVAC maintenance step that will enhance system efficiency, control energy costs, and reduce the probability of repairs.

It would help if you got your system inspected monthly for air filter blockage. If you find it dirty, you should wash it or clean it with air pressure. And if your system has a reusable filter, you should clean it mildly with a soft cloth. You may also use some mild soap and water for cleaning.

If you have pets or have allergies and the blockage is unmanageable, then you should contact Air Duct Repair and Replacement in Gainesville GA. It will be beneficial if you prefer getting a HEPA or hypoallergenic filter installed. You must know if the air filter is not treated timely, it may lead to water damage.

Regular Inspection by an HVAC Professional

You should schedule regular inspections by calling an HVAC professional. Technicians will visit your home to examine the entire system. They will inspect the fan, clean the indoor and outdoor coils, replace the air filter (if required), clear drainage pipes, review refrigerant levels, and inspect for leakages.

A thorough inspection by a professional is suggested only once a year. An HVAC service implies that all components are thoroughly inspected and cleaned to ensure system efficiency, low bills, and longer lifespan.

Cleaning of Drainage Pipes

An AC not only cools the air but also extracts moisture from it. This humidity builds up in the system drainage pipes and is directed outside. When dust and dirt build-up, the drainage pipes get blocked and are favorable for mold growth. Hence, it is a sensible idea to clean the drainage pipes occasionally.  Mold Air Duct Cleaning in Gainesville GA can help you deal with the issue and maintain high air quality.

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

As the HVAC outdoor unit is bare and exposed to dirt, debris, leaves, tree branches, and much more. This may block the unit over time and stop exhaust air from being expelled effectively. This may also hinder the fan’s normal functioning. Hence, you should periodically clean the outdoor unit and cover it when not in use. This is a quick and simple task that can save you from big expenses.

Choose a Smart AC Controller

If you transform your HVAC system into a smart appliance, you can enjoy the additional features to help with preventive maintenance. For instance, smart AC units or smart AC controllers monitor energy usage and signal when a filter replacement is required. A few thermostats can sense if the system is not functioning properly.

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