How to create a Poll on Facebook?

Facebook is a free social media platform developed by Mark Zuckerberg to enable people worldwide to connect virtually with other users that they may or may not know. It widely allows users to share pictures, videos, articles, and much more. Users build connections by sending friend requests to other users – and they accept it if they like. Facebook was launched in 2004 and had been going uphill with new and enticing features ever since. Facebook has been extremely successful in drawing its users’ attention, as it has the largest user base than its competitors like Instagram or Twitter. Amongst all other features is the Facebook Poll. Instagram initially introduced the poll feature, and Facebook quickly followed. The feature involves a question and two alternatives to it; any user can post a poll on Facebook, and their friends can vote on the poll for their preferred alternative. You will learn how to create Facebook Poll via Desktop, Android, or iPhone on this blog.


Every feature on Facebook is designed to be user-friendly and fairly easy. Creating a poll on Facebook is no task either – it is as easy as posting anything on Facebook. To create a Facebook poll, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, open facebook.com and enter your credentials in the username and password sections to log in to your account
  • From the list of options visible to you on your left, click on Groups and choose the group you want to share the poll with, or you can click + create a group to make a new group
  • You may not see Write Something written in a faded text – click on it
  • From the drop-down menu, select Poll, and proceed by writing the question to your poll in the Ask Something column with the alternatives to choose from
  • Click Poll Options to modify the changes; allow other users to add new alternatives or vote for multiple

Finally, click on Post to publish the poll on Facebook 

Please note that this poll will be shared in the group you chose.

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Creating a poll on Facebook events is also possible. You can follow the steps to carry out the poll on events. You must know that a user can only post a poll on a Facebook event that you are hosting.

  • Locate an icon with a big white F on a blue background, i.e., the Facebook logo, and click on it to launch the Facebook application
  • There are three parallel lines on the top-right corner of your Smartphone screen; click on it to reveal a menu.
  • Tap Events in the list of options and go to Hosting in horizontal options under the Events segment
  • The hosting option will display all the events you are hosting; select the event you want to post the poll to
  • A column will open with Say Something written in a faded text; click on it to open the What’s on your mind screen with an option to add alternatives.
  • Swipe up to open more options and select poll from the options; the logo is a white bar graph on a green background.
  • Type in your question and the alternatives for people to answer, set the Poll Ends timing, and Post on the desired event


Creating a poll on Facebook is also available for Facebook stories. It is quite easy and quick to post the Facebook Poll on your story.

  • To create a Facebook poll, start by opening the Facebook application on your iPhone or Android device
  • Next, tap on the + Add to story option placed at the top of your News Feed
  • You can now add a photo or a video from your camera roll to add to the poll option
  • In the top right corner is a symbol – tap on it and then tap the Poll option; enter a question and its multiple alternatives
  • After you have written the question to your poll and the alternatives to choose from, tap Done to finish it off
  • You can modify the audience selection for your story by tapping Privacy on the bottom left
  • Finally, tap Share to Story to share the poll to your story’

The poll results are provided in the percentage of each alternative. When a user taps on his preferred option, he can see how many Facebook users have voted for what.


Another way to post a Facebook poll to your account is to post it on messenger. First, to post the poll on Facebook through iPhone or Android, you must have the Facebook messenger app. Now, to create a Facebook poll, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Facebook application from the home screen or home menu and go to the group you want to post the poll to
  • When you are in this group, create a post
  • Identify a section Add to your post when you click on the text box for your question
  • Click the three parallel dots next to it and select Poll
  • Write your question in the segment along with alternatives; you can make further modifications by allowing anyone to add options to your question or allowing users to choose not just one but multiple options
  • Once you are sure with your questions and the alternatives, tap Post to publish the poll on Facebook.

As I mentioned earlier, it is fairly easy to create a poll on Facebook as the feature comes with easy implementation. You can post the Facebook Poll in an event, story, and on Facebook messenger. Moreover, you can do this through a desktop, iPhone, and Android. Such features make it extremely easy for users to use Facebook and benefit from their features.


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