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How to Fix Error 0x800CCC17 and 0x800CCCA2: Top Best Guide

Have you tried to fix Outlook errors 0x800CCC17 and 0x800CCCA2? Are you finding the best method to instantly fix Outlook errors Outlook? Are your saved emails deleted from the Outlook app? Are you all saved PST files that get corrupted due to system virus infection? If you are facing or related to all these issues, we recommend that you download an automatic repair tool to instantly fix error 0x800CCC17 and 0x800CCCA2 on your PC.

About the Outlook app:

Everyone knows the Microsoft organization and it has several products. The outlook is also one of the most popular tools developed by the Microsoft company. This app offers awesome features like fast sending or receiving emails with attachments. Others enjoy browsing web pages, reading newspapers, writing notes, making a calendar, and more. But due to few cases, users start to get an error or warning message.

What is Outlook Error 0x800CCC17?

0x800CCC17 is an Outlook error that is mostly received by PC or Windows users when using the Outlook application. It enters your PC once and then it will show a pop-up message on the screen first. Users will also not be able to send or receive emails from the Outlook app. Here we will also provide the activities that help to meet it in the system.

Main causes of Outlook error 0x800CCC17:

Outlook error 0x800CCC17 has a few symptoms which we have discussed below:

If malware or virus attacks the system, files are damaged or corrupted and users cannot access them properly.

Most of the time, registry files get corrupted due to virus or malware. In this case, the files still display an error or warning message.

After downloading Outlook application files and improperly installed in the system. Thus, the application will not work properly on your computer.

Outlook main error message 0x800CCC17 Error:

Outlook error 0x800CCC17 contains a few error messages that we have provided below:

0x800CCC17 – User canceled the operation

How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800CCC17 Immediately?

Outlook 0x800CCC17 error has a great impact once, if it attacks your system once, then in that case what should we do?

So, I want to suggest immediately need to download the Inbox repair tool to fix Outlook error 0x800CCC17 quickly. This tool also has a very advantageous trial version for the user.

But you must have to download its full version when you need to fix any errors or issues on the Outlook application. You can use it to repair corrupt PST files or emails.

So, don’t waste your time and start using the inbox repair tool to fix Outlook error 0x800CCC17 quickly. Thus, the application responds quickly.

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About Outlook error 0x800CCCA2:

0x800CCCA2 is also an Outlook error which also creates problems while you are working on the system. The main cause of this error is that if the PST files are oversized, the saved emails will not respond.

Besides, damaged or corrupted Outlook PST files, this error will automatically occur on the system screen. Here, the user also does not access their saved emails from the email inbox.

Common Outlook error 0x800CCCA2 error message:

Outlook 0x800CCCA2 error has certain symptoms which will also appear on the system screen when it exists on the computer. Check out the error message below:

This message will Display: “0x800CCCA2 NNTP LIST FAILED LIST – command to server failed

The above message will be displayed on the user’s computer screen when this Outlook error completely occurs on your computer.

Main symptoms of Outlook error 0x800CCCA2:

There are few symptoms of Outlook error 0x800CCCA2 which helps to detect this Outlook error very easily. Check out the symptoms below:

In some cases, they formatted their system when they receive an unwanted error message thus all files are erased. So, when the user tries to run the application, the error will appear automatically.

If the emails received by the user and they will not delete them. So, in this case, the PST is oversized and can no longer receive emails.

Outlook configuration is changed, so the application will give correct output and it may have a maximum chance of showing an error message.

Sometimes virus attacks computer and they corrupt all saved files. Thus, the user has always received an error message or a warning message.

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How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800CCCA2?

If you are totally frustrated with Outlook 0x800CCCA2 error, then here we have an amazing solution especially for you. We want to recommend PST repair.

The best feature this app offers is that it offers its trial version where it can check whether it is compatible or not? But they must need to download the full version of this tool.

Features of PST Repair Software:

Once the user starts using this tool, it provides the users with the features below:

You can immediately repair corrupted PST files automatically without losing any files.

If your saved Outlook emails are deleted like this in this case, you need to use them quickly and instantly recover lost or deleted emails.

Sometimes user gets unwanted Outlook errors while working on the application. So, they should use this tool freely and fix these errors very easily.


0x800CCC17 and 0x800CCCA2 errors are Outlook errors that will disturb you while accessing the Outlook application. Users also cannot send or receive emails from the app.

But users don’t have to worry about these errors. We recommend you to download the Repair PST tool to fix these Outlook errors easily. Also helps to repair corrupt PST file from within the application. Users also repair corrupt PST files automatically very quickly.

You can also use scanpst exe tool to easily fix Outlook errors very easily and also work with almost every Outlook application.







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