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How To Improve Dust Collection On The Table Saw

Table saw is one of the famous woodworking tools that all of us are aware of. This tool is very helpful when it comes to making the perfect and accurate cuts according to a user’s need, but It might cause serious injuries if you do not use it carefully. If you are a starter or thinking of starting your career with woodworking, you should know everything about saws. Today in this article, we will discuss how to improve dust collection on a table saw.

If you own a table saw, you must know that working on a table saw is not an easy task. The biggest problem with using a table saw is its dust collection. I know that new table saws come with an excellent dust collection system in today’s time. But if you have an old table saw that does not own this feature, what will you do? And I think changing your table saw just to get the dust collection feature is not a good idea. But If this is not a good idea, then what can you do to improve the dust collection of your old table saw? In this article, we have discussed all the best tricks that you can use to improve it, so keep reading it, and you will get a lot of hacks to improve the dust collection of your table saw.

There is not just a single hole or area from where the dust escapes. The dust comes from many places, like when you cut the wood, the dust comes out, when the dust goes down in a dust collection system, then dust comes out from the holes. So we will need to cover every place from where the dust escapes.

Now let’s fall into the tips and tricks to improve the dust collection on your table saw.

Cover The Holes

As I told you earlier that blocking the holes or any area from where the dust escapes are important; otherwise, you will not be able to save your floor from the dust. Even the blade adjustment lever areas need to be blocked as you can notice that they have a big area from where the dust also escapes. Most of the people doesn’t block them as a result of it, they become confused that after using all the methods, how the dust is escaping. Now comes the question that how will you block those holes? It is very simple. You just need some magnetic strips that you will place on the holes while working on your saw. As the base of a table saw is made of metal and magnetic strips will stick on them easily and also can be removed when the work is done. You just need to keep some points in mind that you first need to set the required setting of the table saw that how much blade height you need, how to tilt the blade should be; otherwise, you will not be able to make these settings after applying the strips. Trust me, as soon as you use this trick, you’ll notice that the dust collection has improved.

Block Table Saw Base Area

Once you have closed all the holes, now it’s time to close the area under the table saw base. If you look under the table saw base, you will notice some empty space between the base and the saw motor covering from where the dust also escapes. There are two main reasons to do this blocking. First, to stop the dust coming out from the table while entering down after cutting the wood. And the other is to make the suction force work more efficiently. So, all you have to do is take some foam or cotton or anything that could fit under the table saw empty base area from where the dust escapes and fill it inside that area. Just make sure that the area is completely filled; otherwise, the suction force will not work well, and the dust will find its way to come out.

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Use Overarm Dust Collector

It does not matter how good your under table dust collection system is, but you will still get dust because it comes off from the blade, which makes your clothes, floor, and air also messy. To avoid this problem, you will need an overarm dust collector. So why is it needed now? When you cut some wood, the dust also comes out of it due to the cutting from the blade, as I told you earlier, and starts spreading everywhere. So the purpose of using this overarm dust collector is to collect the same dust. All you have to do is set it on top of your blade, and it will do all the other work.

These were some important ways by which you can improve your table saw’s dust collection and make it the best table saw. Some of the professional woodworkers also use these hacks. I hope this article has solved your problem with dust collection.


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