How To Limit Screen Time Usage Of Teen During Exams

They say life is like a tough exam. I realized the true meaning behind it until my kid reached the age of teen. Being a mother of a teenager’s life tests you in so many ways. First, it is the exam of my patience level, testing of how much I can read his face to analyze any coming trouble, a test of when will  I get used to his eating habits, his disturbed sleep schedules, his weird friends, obsessions, and many more. The list is so long that you will get bored. So instead of boredom am gonna excite you with the solution that can help you in handling all your teen issues and problems. Yes, I have found it and am gonna share it with all the worried parents as well.

The solution is very simple. Try a monitoring app like The OgyMogy. OgyMogy has a user-friendly interface so for all the parents who are not good with technology don’t worry this app is easy to use. It can help you with so many tasks. One important thing is that the user need to physically access the target device just for once. So physically access the target device for once for the installation process. After that, you can remotely control your kid’s smartphone or laptop or tablet, etc.’

Limit The Internet Use:

OgyMogy offers a track internet history feature that allows the user to keep a check on the sites visited by the target person. To know about the sites and make sure kids are visiting the educational sites only especially during the exam period. The web filtering feature of OgyMogylets the user blocks certain sites of their choice as well. To block all the useless sites and make sure kids use the internet for informational purposes only.

Monitor Instagram Newsfeed:

Another big distraction for today’s students is social media. There are several kinds of social media platforms and teens are obsessed users of most of them.  To make sure teens do not waste their time on social media parents can take help from the OgyMogy spy app. The OgyMogy spy app offers several features like the Tumblr spy app, Hike spy app, Kik spy app, Line screen recorder, Viber screen recorder, WhatsApp screen recorder, FaceBook screen recorder, Instagram screen recorder, Snapchat Screen recorder, and Kik tracker app, most importantly YouTube screen recorder, etc. These features record the target person’s social media activities for the user. Thus make sure they are not using social media for entertainment. Apps like YouTube or instant messenger apps can be used for informational videos and educational discussions etc. So with OgyMogy keep an eye on the social media activities of your teen with the timestamp and make sure they are utilizing their time and resources in the best way possible.

Know About The Installed Apps:

With OgyMogy you can even monitor the installed apps of your teen’s smartphone with few clicks. So make sure they are not busy wasting time on online games etc during the exams.

Just Keep An Eye On Their Screen Activities:

The screen recording app of OgyMogy lets the user watch the screen of the target person in real-time. So just keep an eye on the screen activities of your kid and assure that they use a laptop or tablet or smartphone just for learning and studying purpose only during exams.

Along with parental control, OgyMogy offers employee monitoring products as well. You can even use the OgyMogy spy app for your self too. OgyMogy offers various monitoring features in the form of a package or bundle. Each bundle contains various features thus users can select the bundle of their choice that contains most of their desired features.OgyMogy has another edge over other monitoring apps as it offers separate versions for team mac and team Windows. Thus you can try the Mac or Windows spy app version of the OgyMogy feature whatever suit your choice. The android spy app version of OgyMogy monitoring software can be used to monitor the kid’s smartphone with ease. Thus have some control of the screen time usage of your teen especially in the exam season and make sure your kids do not waste their most precious time on useless activities.




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