how to make assignment in microsoft word

 How To Make An Assignment On MS Word With Easy Steps

When you are engaging in higher study, you are assigned lots of assignments and writings to do, which can be complicated at first. The essential thing to remember is to start as early as you can. Students need to take care of time restrictions, strict requirements, and complicated guidelines given by their tutors. Formatting and performing an assignment perfectly is essential for every student to get good marks in their presentation. Most of the students have assigned articles or reports as their homework on MS word. Some students are not familiarized with MS word functioning. Thus they start seeking MS office assignment help. Below we have provided you complete guidance on How To Make An Assignment On MS Word with some tips.

MS Word

MS Word is a general word-processing application used essentially for creating professional-quality documents such as letters, assignments, etc. 

It consists of superior features that help a user format or edit files and documents in the best possible way. Ms word offers several useful features available that make it convenient for study and work.

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Steps To Make An Assignment In The MS Office 

  1. Microsoft office includes various apps, including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, outlook, access, and more than a person can choose according to his project and needs. For example, Microsoft Word is ideal for saving simple writing, but it is not possible to save writing from one application to another.
  2. The secondary step is to plan for an assignment. There are various functions accessible in the top bar. a user can utilize these functions to make their writing efficient such as inserting images, pictures, and graphics. A user can also set extra margins, adjustments, and much more. The features of changing font size, color, and style are also available on the top bar in the page layout settings.
  3. You should analyze several functions to browse and understand how it is helpful to complete and clarify your work. Almost all work is done in the MS office. After installing the WINDOWS framework, there is a version of the MS-Word program. You need to pick the application and open it. You can create, modify, and print here. You can access files and format text as required in this program. You may use this program to write the text for some form of destination.
  4. When you access the MS-WORD tab, you can see the title bar BACK: above, which indicates the title of the text you specified. The brief name is used as document 1 prior to branding. This involves lowering and growing the keys. I hope this button will work.
  5. A step that may be difficult is understanding how the menu bar works on the word application. Word provides numerous tools for reported content, and for this reason, it is important to understand how it works. The menu bar is located above, under the title bar.
  6. In the toolbar, you have some really important tools that can make a difference in improving the readability of a document. The toolbar is positioned below the menu bar, which comprises a set of icons that a user can use to do several tasks. There are also a set of drawing tools to report symbols. You can also add images and A bunch of conventional tools, where each symbol performs a particular function.
  7. Certainly, there is also a ruler that helps a user to adjust and helps you to be more precise. It’s easier to refer to the alignment on the left, in the center, on the right. It represents the margins, sections, and position of the text or images, or drawings.
  8. Bar view: – Given below the work area.

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Few Tips On How To Make Assignment In Microsoft Word

  • A line break is when a line of the text binds to the next line when you access the correct text for the field. The application understands by itself that the end of a page has come or you’ve entered the right text field. Without the line break function, the text would continue on one line until the user presses “Enter” to insert a line break.
  • The shift key is basically a modifier key present on a keyboard used to type capital letters. If you hold it, the line breaks, and a new one starts, and you don’t need to think that it is a new paragraph. There are two shift keys available, one on the left and the other on the right sides of the row.
  • There are many ways to make selected words disappear from a document. Word offers a safe way of doing this, and a rather simple one too: Pressing Delete would erase the letters to the right of the entry point. It deletes one character per time. To delete multiple characters at a single time, press Ctrl + Delete: this command will delete every character to the right of the insertion point. To add and insert fonts/characters, it is advisable to install custom fonts created, purchased, or downloaded elsewhere. When you install a custom font, it will only work on the computer where it was installed. Characters make a document much more interesting to read. 
  • The next suggestion is to learn how to save the document: click FILE > save, select or navigate to a folder. After that, type a name for the document in the file name box, and click Save.
  • Save your work as you go on by pressing CTRL + S.
  • With MS Word, it is possible to create efficient documents and write assignments thanks to advanced operations. Editing basic documents includes grammar errors correction, reporting repetitions of words, and incorrect sentence structure

How to make assignments on ms word on mobile?

To make an assignment on your mobile phone, just launch MS Word on your mobile phone and then click on the Insert tab. Now, you can make an assignment and save it as an a.doc file. It’s that easy!


We have provided all the easy steps that will help you to make an assignment on MS word.

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