how to write an essay

How To Write An Essay?

As a middle school, high school, or college student, not everyone is involved in essay writing most of the time and even in professional life after their student days, they are writing essays in the form of ‘reports’. Many students find essay writing a difficult and time-consuming process or some students have a dilemma regarding the beginning and end of the essay. Therefore, there is a need to make this difficult difficult phase easier. For this, it is not necessary for you to have any special ability, but also to have good study and observation and the desire to write. In this essay, you will learn how to write an essay introduction step by step.

Essay writing is a creative process, but it has a special format of writing, that is, it follows a certain basic structure. This basic structure consists of some golden rules and regulations, which keep in mind the scientific, literary, and political. essays can be written on religious, serious, or humorous topics.

What is essay writing?

The word “essay” is derived from the Latin word “exagium“, which literally means to present a problem in simple words. The definition of essay writing in this regard would be something like “This is a small piece of writing that expresses information on a topic, ideas or events as well as an author’s opinion.”There are generally two types of writing, traditional and non-traditional. Traditional subjects are usually educational in nature or deal with serious topics, while non-traditional subjects are based on a personal and humorous element.

How to write an essay introduction?

The introduction is the first paragraph of any essay, in which the author interacts with his reader while introducing the title. This paragraph provides a brief and comprehensive overview of the essay. Always write the introductory paragraph of the essay thinking that by it you are persuading the writer to read your writing. If reading this paragraph arouses the reader’s interest in the title, then he will read your essay to the end. But when writing an essay introduction, make sure that the introduction does not exceed 4 to 6 lines. Here are some creative tips to help you how to write an essay introduction:

  •  You can start the introductory paragraph with a popular quote or saying that matches your title.
  • There is a special formula of questions, through which you increase the interest of the reader in writing.

 Sometimes you can even start the essay by defining the title.

The title is chosen in the first step of writing the essay. Make sure the topic you are writing about is the best and most interesting. The opinion of teachers, friends, and senior writers can be obtained in this regard. The next step is research, about which educational experts say that before writing on any topic, it is necessary to read at least 10 pre-existing essays on this topic. , So that you can bring maturity in your writing. Sources of the content may be newspapers, magazines, research work, reports from various organizations or sources, and audio or video on the Internet.

Text/self essay

Text (Body) is a special part of your essay, the importance of which can be taken as an example of a sandwich. For example, the importance of the text is like the meat in the middle of a sandwich. This is a special part between the introductory and concluding paragraph that the more comprehensive, clear, and descriptive the presentation, the more vivid and excellent the essay will be.

The text of an essay is not limited to a single paragraph but its scope depends on the information and statistics you have. The reasons should be given in a proper, polite, and reasonable manner in the essay itself, at the same time special care should be taken that all this information is in accordance with the essay. If an argument is becoming part of your essay, it is also important that the argument be validated or based on regular research. Usually, when writing, most writers do not explain the information correctly, which confuses the reader. So to write a text you need to be organized with ideas, information, and statistics.


The conclusion is called the last paragraph of the essay, which summarizes the essay. Sometimes your concluding paragraph is a mirror to the introductory paragraph, which contains the answers to all the questions mentioned at the beginning. The conclusion can also be defined as the part of the essay where you conclude by presenting your position with credible arguments or solid reasons. It is also important to have a special link when writing all the results so that you can explain your position.


The last step after writing an essay introduction is to read it. Read it once before the reader reads it. Carefully read the sentence order, coherence, alphabet, and other things in the essay. In the meantime, wherever you feel any clutter or incoherence, remove it through editing and proofing. Some essays are not able to convey their message properly to the reader due to errors in proofing and editing, so it is important that you take a look at the flaws in your essay before publishing it.

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