5 Steps of Making Engaging Short Videos for Social Media

5 Steps of Making Engaging Short Videos for Social Media

Short videos mean the video can vary between 15-20 seconds, but it depends on the platform.

Instagram has extended the limit of the reels to 30 seconds. TikTok lets you post 60 seconds of video, and Doston lets you post 30 seconds.

But making this 30-second video is harder than designing an image.

However, it is not as tough as you have imagined. We have a strategy that you can take into account in order to make attractive short videos and boost the engagement to the next level.

So let’s get straight to the steps of making engaging short videos.


Making a strategy is the first step towards creating a video. You have to Define your goals that are essential for you to spread out.

Second, you need to define your target audiences and their criteria.

When it comes to strategic planning there is also a technical side of making a video to take it into account.

In addition, to prepare your approach, it is important to determine in advance what software you want to use, the equipment, lighting, and what video editing instruments are.

Determining what social media platforms you are going to publish your video on is also important.

There are a lot of short video posting platforms out there but nowadays Instagram reels and the Doston short video app are getting popular.

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Start Your Video

Short videos are already short so you have to make sure that every second of your video is at the point and deliver something valuable.

So it’s incredibly important for the very first seconds of the video because it’s the opportunity where you have to grab the viewer’s attention.

You should pass on the information about what the video is about and “promise” the importance in a very short period of time to the person who will watch your video.

Having a short introduction within a couple of seconds will help trigger the attention of your audience. As the topic of an email, imagine it.

What Type of Content Would Be There

The content could be anything, but just make sure it is worth a watch for your viewers.

Announcement videos like upcoming events, new products, or service expansions that you are planning.

  • It can go viral on social networks if you manage to broadcast the correct announcement video to the right audience at the right time.
  • If you wanna go off-script you can go live.
  • You can create a video that will make it simpler and quicker for them to see the outcomes of your services or to show them how to use your goods effectively.
  • And the videos that could be showing talent, funny, or viral trending videos. To experience that, consider the Doston app to get the same entertainment as TikTok.

How Long The Video Length Should Be?

The length of the video will differ between platforms.

If we talk about Instagram reels then it will let you upload the short video duration of 30 seconds. Same duration in the Doston app which is known for its funny & trendy videos.

You must have to focus on your video content rather than the video length. It does not matter if your video length crosses the recommended limit.

You can then redirect it to where you have posted the full video.

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How To End The Video?

Seconds of videos should not be forgotten in seconds.

Your video script should be that much impactful that your viewers can not forget it easily.

When you tell a story or describe the problems of your target audience, also show them the solutions that you can provide to help them.

Moreover, you should give your audience enough emotional strength to inspire them and make them think that your solution is something that will surely solve their problem.

But that is not the case with the funny videos, you will get nothing except fun and entertainment.

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Wrapping It Up:

So these are the five steps that you take into consideration while making your short video that can make a day of your viewers.


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