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3 Types Of Mental Illness With Disorders and Factors

Mental illness is a serious issue for our health. There was a time when people thought they go crazy because of demons, ghosts, fairies, and the shadow of evil.

There was a time when people believed that it would punish them when they disobeyed the gods, and they would go crazy.

There was a time when people prayed and offered animal sacrifices to please the gods so that their sins would be forgiven and heal them. Hippocrates was the first Greek physician and philosopher to say in 500 BC that man’s physical and mental health is related to natural causes rather than supernatural causes. That is why Hippocrates is considered the founder of medicine and named as FATHER OF MEDICINE. Galenus Galen and Bo Ali Sina AVICENNA built magnificent buildings on the foundations of Hippocrates’ medicine. Bo Ali Sina’s book CANON OF MEDICINE has been read like a textbook in many universities worldwide for many centuries.

In the twentieth century, science, medicine, and psychology have developed to understand better and treat mental illness and psychiatric problems scientifically. From a scientific point of view, we classify mental problems into several boxes to be easily diagnosed and treated. In this article, I will briefly introduce mental illnesses and their treatment.


Such mental illnesses are commonly called insanity. Examples are schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Patients with such diseases hear the occult sounds of HALLUCINATIONS and are surrounded by various delusions, making them very anxious.


Patients with such psychiatric illnesses suffer from depression and anxiety. Depressed people are depressed and sometimes think about suicide. Anxiety patients suffer from anxiety and insomnia throughout the day and insomnia throughout the night.


Such mental patients develop a distorted personality and make unwise life decisions. They suffer from such contradictions that their lives become very difficult. Some of these patients use drugs, which can lead to legal issues.

Relationship issues or problems

Such patients cannot establish healthy relationships, so they suffer from marital, family, and social problems. Modern science has given us the gift of the BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL MODEL. This model tells us we can divide the causes of mental illness and psychiatric problems into three parts.

Biological factors

Mental illness also has biological and hereditary effects. If parents have a mental illness, some of their children may also have it. Mental conditions, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, can be passed on from one generation to the next, just like certain physical illnesses.


Suppose it does not train children healthily in their family and school. In that case, their self-esteem is damaged, their self-esteem decreases, and they suffer from psychological problems because of personality weakness.


People who live in unhealthy societies where they face prejudice and ignorance, hatred, and violence are psychologically affected by such an environment and suffer from social problems. Because mental and social causes combine to create psychological problems in people with a mental health condition, it treats them along the same lines. These are just some goal-setting shareware that you can use.


A psychiatrist prescribes drugs that control occult sounds and hallucinations for patients with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Such drugs are called ANTI-PSYCHOTICS. Medications to control depression are called ANTI-DEPRESSANTS, and medicines to contain NSAIDs are called ANTI-ANXIETY MEDICATIONS.


Psychologists with some psychological problems, consult a PSYCHOLOGIST who treats them with TALKING THERAPY. With such treatment, patients understand their psychological problems better and try to live healthier lives.


People who have human relationship problems consult a social worker or psychotherapist and use marital, family, and group therapy. Patients’ needs may change over time, and their treatment may vary. Wise psychologists prescribe medicine according to the patient’s problems. As science, medicine, and psychology developed in the 21st century, we can better diagnose and treat mental illnesses and physical illnesses. Many patients worldwide who a century ago spent most of their lives in a mental hospital are now living happily with their families.

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Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, where most of the world’s mentally ill people use modern medicine, in some countries, people take their patients to the poor instead of two doctors and psychologists. Treat the punk with amulets. In some states, instead of seeking treatment, the mentally ill still wander in the street markets, and people throw stones at them. Successful treatments for mental illness and psychiatric problems are invaluable gifts of science, medicine, and psychology to human beings. People of every nation, religion, and country can benefit from the treatment of Marine Psychology and lead a healthy, prosperous, and peaceful life.I am fortunate to have served and treated hundreds of patients and their families over the past 40 years. My patients are also my teachers because I have learned a lot from them. They inspired me to become a more compassionate person and a better psychiatrist.

The famous American singer Lady Gaga has revealed that she has had a mental illness for which she takes medicine regularly.

In an interview, American singer Lady Gaga says that she always cannot control her mind. When something goes against her mood, the situation after that is beyond her control. ۔

In her interview, Lady Gaga said that I am also getting treatment for my doctor’s mental illness. I sometimes get so angry at anything that I don’t even remember myself, and I can do anything.

The American singer said that taking medicine helped her a lot, but the situation is still not under control.

“I once intended to write a song about mental illness, but when I sat down, my mind went crazy, and I understood nothing, after which I had to take medicine and go to sleep,” he said.

The singer said that I know that my confession can be dangerous for the fans and my future, but now is the time to tell everyone because I am also a human being; sometimes, my mind is completely shut down.

Leading Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment after suffering from stress. Her actor husband’s severe illness, Michael Douglas, is also cited as a significant reason for her condition.

In a statement to the media on Wednesday, April 14, a spokeswoman for Catherine Zeta-Jones said that Catherine had been suffering from “extraordinary distress” because of Michael Douglas’ illness last year. They diagnosed Michael Douglas with throat cancer but could beat cancer after treatment.

The illness of her actor husband, Michael Douglas, devastated Catherine Zeta-Jones.

According to a Catherine Zeta-Jones correspondent, 41-year-old Catherine is suffering from molecular or bipolar II, for which they have admitted her to a psychiatric hospital for short-term treatment. The statement did not specify which clinic they acknowledged him to or when he contracted the disease.

I formerly knew bipolar II was manic depression. As the name implies, in this disease, the mood is sometimes overly pleasant, and the feeling of happiness is too intense, and sometimes the person is unfortunate. I find different conditions in this disease at other times. In this disease, the sudden onset of potent emotions in mood or nature makes it challenging to perform daily tasks.


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