18 Top Useful Paid Advertising Platforms

The internet is more than 30 years old, and a number of effective advertising platforms developed on the internet over the years. People are confused about the options they have.

Most of us only know Google, Facebook, and Instagram as advertising platforms. Many of us do not know that there are plenty of other options as well that can be of great use.

You need to have a deep knowledge of digital marketing to be able to beat your competitors on social media. What are the best paid advertising platforms on the internet?

This article discusses the top18 paid advertising platforms for online advertising. Continue reading if you want to drive traffic, leads, and conversions through online advertising.

18 Top Advertising Platforms

You do not need to have a deep knowledge of digital marketing to try advertising options on the internet. We have gathered some basic details about the leading 18 advertising platforms on the web.

Here are the 18 most useful options that you can try if you want to advertise effectively on the internet:

Google Ads

Google ads is a name that represents a number of advertising options from Google. It also includes YouTube advertising, pay-per-click ads, and display ads.

Bing Ads

You may already know that Bing is a search engine from Microsoft. This major search engine offers a number of ways to target people searching on Bing.

Facebook Ads

All of us know about Facebook, and we regularly use it for a variety of purposes. Facebook provides us a few advertisement options to target Facebook users.

Instagram Ads

It comes under Facebook advertising, and you can show ads to Instagram users through your Facebook. This option is a popular method of driving engagement these days.

Twitter Ads

One of the leading social networking and microblogging platform Twitter offers a few ways to target Twitter users. You can show your Twitter audience ads in a variety of ways.

LinkedIn Ads

Owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn is the leading network of professionals and businesses. You can use its unique advertising options to reach out to your true audiences with great effectiveness.

Pinterest Ads

The popularity of Pinterest has gone through twists and turns lately, but it is one of the leading platforms for online advertising. You can target the unique audience of Pinterest at an economical rate.

Amazon Ads

The world’s largest e-commerce website also allows you to promote your products on Amazon.com.


It is another popular website where people can access a network of websites with great ease.

Ad Roll

AdRoll is another ad network that is known for its low rates and significant results.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo does not need an introduction. Being a significant search engine, it offers different advertisement options.

Buy Sell Ads

You can try this platform if you want to use the websites that come under its network.

Rev Content

Another effective and economical option for internet advertising.


Airnow is an ad network that is known for its low rates and effective results.

Ad Mob

AdMob is a mobile advertising platform from Google that is popular for mobiles.

Ad Colony

You can use this unique option to drive traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Ad Recover

Just another effective and economical option for internet advertising.

Ad Blade

Consider trying this platform to use the websites that come under its network.

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The Bottom Line

You have read the top 18 paid advertising platforms for online advertising. If you want to drive traffic, leads, and conversions through online advertising, you should try some of these options.

If you want to get the most out of your online marketing, you need to develop a deep knowledge of digital marketing. Both the search engine and social media are crucial for business growth.

Moreover, you can also give content marketing and email marketing a try. There are other branches of internet marketing that you can explore by reading more about digital marketing.

Are you ready to rock? I wish you all the best with your online promotion goals.




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