Proactive Customer Service in Banking with Call Center Software

Proactive Customer Service ideas

Proactive customer service ideas must-read. Banking is one industry that has hundreds of thousands of customers. One would assume there is no need to look at specialized services or that it is a seller’s market. This view, however, may not hold good considering today’s highly competitive environment. Banks need to go proactive and use call center software to enhance customer acquisition as well as retention besides pushing new services to existing ones.

Call Center Software at the core

A proactive approach calls for the use of call center software to be the pivot of customer-side operations. Call center solutions typically employ a host of features that enable quick, efficient customer-oriented processes.

  • Multi-level IVR: first point of contact and self-service, reducing the burden on employees
  • Automatic call distributor: The next level in which the call is routed to specific employees depending on the nature of the call
  • Outbound dialers: Speed up proactive reach to targets and existing customers.
  • Analytics and reports: Up to the minute information on all that is happening on the customer side.

Dialers – proactive outreach

This is no time to be content with what you have by way of customers and let things be. It is time to be proactive and dialers in outbound call center software help you do just that. You have three flavors of auto-dialers with specific functions.

Power dialer: You could assign a team of employees to reach out to potential customers and also contact existing customers with new offers. In this case, the power dialer accesses a list of such targets and dials out a number whenever an employee is free. Employees save time and effort and can get down to talking with targets.

Predictive dialer: Predictive dialers in outbound call center software keeps active track of employees engaged in calls, analyzes their performance, and uses an algorithm to predict when an employee will complete an outgoing call, initiating the call and keeping it ready by the time that call is complete. When you have hundreds of calls to make within a specific time this could be just the dialer to keep employees busy all the time.

Preview dialer: If your current campaign is about calling leads or existing customers about whom you have data then the preview dialer is more suitable. Employees can view details of targets on their popup screen and be ready with information when they talk.

Regardless of which type of autodialer you use all the information and calls are recorded in the CRM for review and analysis.

Being proactive to stay legally safe

There is yet another way call center solutions can help banks stay legally safe. Banks are often used in money laundering operations and such activities can attract heavy penalties. It is found that 80% of the time is spent on data collection and only 20% on analyzing such data. With the call center’s CRM integration you reverse this and let it analyze all customers’ transactions as well as KYC documents. You could set up a system to flag actions and take timely action to prevent illegal transactions. There is a side benefit to keeping track of customer activity: You can observe inquiries that open up opportunities for cross-selling.

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Customer churn

A bank, for instance, may have disbursed loans to thousands of customers. Call center software can be automated to send out reminders for timely repayment, an area in which it certainly proves helpful. However, given the tight money position, it is possible customers are in a financial bind and may be looking for refinancing. A pointer could be delayed repayments that your CRM keeps track of. Go proactive using the call center solution monitoring feature and reach out to such customers to offer them refinance or rescheduling facilities. You will earn gratitude, loyalty and revenues.

Are your policies right?

Omnichannel call center solutions regularly incorporate social media like Facebook and Twitter plus Whatsapp. These can be vital to find out what customers say, individually and collectively about your policies and their expectations. You could offer clarifications justifying your stand or explain why some policies cannot be changed or, where possible change policies and spread the news on social media. Does someone phone you and you try to fob them off? Instead, use video chat to create situational awareness and be more convincing while deriving information that you can put to good use to streamline services.

Proactive benefits

Reactive services inherently imply delays and also mean that there is a grievance in place. On the other hand, a proactive approach gives real-time service and prevents any such heartburn from taking place. Call center solutions permit real-time reach out and continuous observation of customer behaviors to help you craft better service policies.

While this proactive service helps you on the customer front, the call center software features can just as well be used internally to help branches coordinate communications and conduct training with minimum effort and cost.


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