Best Companies That Hire Remote Software Engineers

Remote Software Engineers

In light of the growing utility of the internet and an entire pandemic that forced everyone to operate on online, digital platforms, there arose a distinct need for companies to hire remote software engineers and developers.

And because the market for these services was thoroughly tested during the pandemic, both by clients and developers and engineers themselves, it has become clearer about how reliable and productive a lot of these companies as a platform for developers and engineers.

Below is a list of four companies that provide jobs for remote developers and engineers. Some of them allow a developer to work directly with the client, the others are companies that connect people with technical skills to the relevant clients.

It should be noted that none of these follow the traditional outsourcing model where employers prioritize quantity over quality in a working setup where job security and trajectory are very uncertain.

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Toptal is a global platform that is remote platform allowing businesses to connect with software engineers, designers, and individuals providing consultancy services for businesses.

The company has a very rigorous recruitment and vetting process which means only the top 3% of those that apply are able to join their platform. In order to work with TopTal, applicants need to pass their language and personality test, a skills review, an interview that tests their communication ability, experience, and creativity, as well as a test that requires them to complete projects that mimic real-world scenarios.

On one hand, this thorough assessment of prospective candidates means that not everyone who applies will get selected since one needs to have a certain level of experience and skill to be able to match their criteria.

On the other hand, the tests also give new engineers an idea about the skill standards they need to maintain to continue to be useful to the market they are trying to serve.

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Gaper is a US-based company that hire remote software developers and engineers who are then assigned to teams. These teams are then part of the staff augmentation services that are extended to the company’s clients.

While Gaper also aims to recruit the best possible engineers and developers, they also provide adaptive growth and learning opportunities. Engineers can be assigned to roles and teams where it is possible to put their limited skills to use.

Similarly, their academy called “nerdii” also acts as a learning platform for aspiring developers or those who just need to build their skills to a point where they will be able to confidently work for US clients.

Gaper also values soft skills. Even though it is not possible for everyone to be perfectly adept to deal with every social situation, healthy team culture and the ability to manage one’s time is vital aspects of successful teams.


This list will not be complete without the mention of UpWork. This is a classic freelance platform where individuals work on their own on projects that buyers need to be done. In addition to engineering and development work, there is a myriad of other fields of work that sellers can provide their services in.

Freelancers are entirely responsible for finding work for themselves and managing their time. The platform has also been rather selective about accepting applicants since too large a supply of individuals in some common areas of work lowers the value of the work and also compromises the quality of freelancers present on their site.

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Andela is another company that recruits developers, assesses them, and then connects them with business clients. The company also requires applicants to pass an English proficiency test, coding test, and a technical interview.

There is a match out there for every aspiring engineer or developer. Digital platforms are rife with opportunities for people to learn and work remotely from anywhere in the world.

The best approach to make one’s way in this field is to keep learning and applying to companies. A company that has a sufficient supply of engineers today may need to recruit more in a few weeks. The trick is to keep adapting to the changing dynamics of the industry.


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