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Is the Rug Cleaner Best Option for Carpet Cleaning?

The cleaning products of various types and compositions are available in shopping marts. It varies in the manufacturing process. Some of them have reactive chemicals in them, others may don’t have them. Just cleaning doesn’t mean, to kick away dust molecules but it defines the extensive cleaning of households for their maintenance. . Everyone in the city, bears a hectic routine. Time management becomes a real issue. Good planning and strategies help in better time management.

In this way, you don’t run short of time. The rugs are beautiful items found in every house. Their beauty gets fade with time if you don’t pay attention to it. The rug steam cleaning is the best application and strategy for keeping up your dirty rugs. As it gives extensive maintenance and refurbishment, to your carpets.

These rugs are beautiful decoration objects, especially on floors but they demand a high level of care and attention. Time and care are important attributes in everybody’s life. With these factors, you spend life in better ways. You keep yourself healthy and fresh. A clean and pure environment is achievable, only by keeping up the households neat and clean.

How can you clean carpets yourself?

The answer to this question is very simple. Turn on your tablet, open the internet browser, and search for cleaning ways. Open up links of your choice and select any one method. Prepare your mind and start it.

Planning and preparation

Initiate your work from thinking, planning, and preparation. Look on your calendar and plan out this cleaning activity on a holiday. Mark this day with a red pen. It will help in reminding the work schedule. As carpet cleaning is a bit tiring and time taking task, so always go for some off day working.

Don’t miss the sunny day

A bright and sunny day is always the best option for such chores. On cold days, this sunlight is a blessing to break the monotony. Never miss such a day for cleaning your untidy carpets of house. It gets easy to dry them, under sunlight. Or else you may have to wait for many days, to get it dry.

Collect basic items

Check out your store for the availability of cleaning items. Collect a vacuum machine, a sweeping brush, a mopping cloth, rug cleaner, vinegar, baking soda, water bucket, sanitizer, and odor freshener spray, all in one place. So, you don’t have to look again and again for things in the house.

Choose the cleaning site

Yes, it is very important to select the area for cleaning your carpets. Whether you do it on the car porch or the rooftop. The cleaning is easy in a spacious place.

Choose the cleaning site

Dusting step

Take the brush and remove the dust molecules. This is a bit physically tiresome, better to turn on the vacuum machine. Quickly, apply all over the surface of the carpet. Give an extensive application to erase all hidden particles of dust. Their eviction is important for a good cleaning.

Treat the stains

After giving the vacuum application, now treat the stains on the carpet. For the best rug cleaning, you can apply any cleaner liquid. Be cautious, while using. Give an attentive look at the instructions on the bottle. Apply it, leave it, and clean it with a sponge. It will wash away all types of deadly stains.

Home-made cleaners

If you don’t want to use any chemical product then you can prepare it at home too. Take a mixing bowl, pour half a cup of vinegar, half a cup of baking soda, and one cup of water. With a spoon, mix it well. Now, fill any spray bottle with this solution. It’s ready for use. Spray evenly, let it sit for half an hour, and clean it with a wet squib. This shows magical cleaning outcomes to your carpets.

Switch on the dryer pumps

Here comes, evacuation of moisture from the surface of the carpet. So, use any type of dryer machine, for completing this step. Also, turn on the fans for fast drying. The wet carpets are a mess if left for a long time. Dry it immediately, to save the carpet from germs and bacterial infections.

Switch on the dryer pumps

Spray the disinfecting liquor

It’s time to sterilize the surface of your carpet, with a good quality sanitizer. Apply the sanitizing liquid evenly to get good results. It helps in saving the carpet and members of the house, from any type of bacterial infection.

Check the bad odors

If you are finding any unbearable odors, coming from your carpets. Then, treat them without any delay. Use fragrant fresheners to eradicate such bad smells in your house. Everyone feels good from a delightful and refreshing ambiance. It induces positivity and energy in the body.


The professional rug cleaners do the cleaning almost in the same way, as discussed earlier. But there is one difference in their methodology that they do not apply any chemical cleaner for stain deletion. Rather, they give a steam application to stains and dirt on your carpets. No doubt, it has many benefits

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