7 compelling reasons to migrate to a Dedicated Server

server migration

There have been seen development of innumerable types of hosting services, still dedicated server hosting still stands at the top. You might have wondered several times whether dedicated server hosting is worth the cost or not. But there is always an option to search for a cheap dedicated server hosting for your organization.

This is the best time to put up the question of what are those compelling factors. There are some times when some of the tasks cannot be carried when your website and applications all are hosted in a shared or cloud server. Then that saving on money seems useless as you are not able to boost the performance of your website. The infrastructure that a shared host or a cloud server provides is not able to deliver the services which can only be promised by a dedicated server. The only impediment that people feel while going for a dedicated server hosting plan is its pricing.

But if you are a user whose business tends to go through regular and persistent changes, then there is no scope of thought. You instantly need to migrate to a cheap dedicated server hosting. Its high-performing capabilities will not make you even think once and regret your decision.

Changing business environment is not the only reason, there are some more compelling reasons to migrate to a dedicated server, let’s get to know them-

When your website needs to grow

Not all the hosting plans can support growth as does a dedicated server host. By growth, we mean when there is an increase in the traffic of the visitors or there is a need for more and more bandwidth. Once the traffic shoots, your shared host will not be able to support it and the performance will drop on a significant level. This will further lead to higher bounce rates and lower site on time. It is needless to say how all of this can impact your business.

For times likes this it best to take out some time and expenditures and migrate to a cheap dedicated server hosting plan. The very soon you migrate to a dedicated server, your issues will be taken care of. Before you will even settle in the new infrastructure, your website will start showing positive results and in no time your website will get ready to handle even triple the traffic of the present.

When your website needs more bandwidth

It’s a very commonly occurring issue within a shared server or cloud hosting plan when you run start running out of bandwidth. This is so frequent because when there are multiple users hosted on the same server space then resources are shared. But sharing can become a little biased when the resources which were assigned to you is been used by any other user. Your shared hosting provider can provide a set and limited but your website is now cannot run on a shared resources infrastructure. During high demand times, the stealing of resources increases, and pressure builds up. The processing of your website delays and along with that its performance.

When your website doesn’t feel that secure

Security is something that need not be compromised for any alternate factor. It is of sheer importance for your website to feel secure within a hosting environment. But sadly none of the other hosting platforms can assure the security that a dedicated server host assures. All those confidential emails, data, account details, etc. needs a host where all of this feels utterly secured. A dedicated server will conceal all that information that needs not to be revealed either way. Also as you will be the only user on the server space, security, as it is, gets improved when there is no possible intruder. You can even optimize the features of the server so as to solidify the security even more. Such privileges will not be offered with any of the other hosting plans.

When you need more control

This is one of the most compelling reasons out of all. Some website owners demand full control over their website as well as server operations. Such owners should never host their website other than a cheap dedicated server hosting. You cannot expect this level of control over server operations with any other hosting service. You are the sole and complete owner of your website. There is no limit to the choices you can make. One can even choose the software to be used in the server. The resources can also be managed the way you want. Not only this, but the server hardware can also be selected by you. This is what makes developers intimidated with dedicated server hosting. The more control you have over your website, the more your website will perform as per your expectations. Unlike cloud services wherein hardware and internal operations are obscured, you can anytime reveal any process or how particular hardware is working.

When you need to prepared for any disaster

Disaster preparedness is something that elongates the life of your business. A cloud or shared host also creates all the possible fences among the different users but are these fences that supportive. Such unsupportive fencing among users can lead to potential disasters like data loss, resource shortage, unauthentic intrusion, etc. Not only the unsupportive fencing is the problem, but the unable hosting facilities of shared hosting or cloud hosting can also lead to even bigger disasters. This is why dedicated server hosting has been the renowned hosting services as it comprises shock-absorbing server rooms. This eliminates any chances for servers getting overloaded as you will be the single user on the server space. Dedicated servers make sure that all the backups are taken on time and do not leaves out any data whatsoever. Data gets affected whenever there is a local disaster but a dedicated server host does not let it happen.

When the budget is not a problem

Dedicated server hosting is anytime costlier than other hosting services. But its services and end results make it all worth it. A better physical and virtual security, reliable bandwidth, better processing, more uptime, full control, etc. all at one place always turn out to be valuable. So if you are worried about cost savings then cheap dedicated server hosting is the one for you. You might find it costly initially but after getting out of the blue website performance then you will be completely satisfied.

When you don’t have any time for maintenance

We understand the valuable time of each of your employees. Now if this valuable time is getting wasted constantly in maintaining the website. This happens because shared hosting providers or cloud hosting providers cannot put that much stress on a single user. Their attention is divided among multiple users which brings down the scope of improvement. Maintaining a website involves so many tasks and it would become haphazard for your employees to perform in their main tasks and the server space as well. Such tasks can get too technical at times like fixing patches in the operating system and updating the resources to boost the performance now and then. All of this is very hectic and will take away all the attention from the major goal of your business.

Hence free yourself from all the struggles and get the best results out of your business website by hosting it on a dedicated server. You will be having to migrate it in the future once you will think of growing then why not now. Also, there is never a bad time to go for migration. A trustworthy and cheap dedicated server hosting is round the corner, you just need to make a decision.

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