Protecting Your Kid in the Digital World

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The protection of kids has always been the top priority for the parents. The parents seek to protect their kids from any mishaps and harms in all aspects. The excessive use of the internet among the kids has increased the responsibility of parents to keep a watch on their kids.

The internet and social media have become a part of life for every kid and teen for a few years. All the academic activities get executed through the internet, more specifically in the current pandemic situation.

So, the parents need to be well aware of their kids’ activities and whereabouts. The need for supervised internet and social media usage arises as kids have started to spend a large proportion of their time surfing online.

It is observed that social networking apps have become the major source of criminal offenses on kids; harassment and cyberbullying are done more frequently. On the other hand, unverified users over social media in some cases look to press kids to know the financial credentials of their parents, which can be deadly for the family.

Thus, for protecting the kid’s and family interests, parents look to spy on the kids’ online activities using a spy app that can monitor each and every bit of communication taking place using a target phone.

A number of services available that provide spying services to spy on kids, but the best of them is TheOneSpy. Spy App is providing unparalleled service to parents and employers for many years the app is highly complimented and rated by its users.

The kids monitoring app is compatible to be used with Android phones and iPhones. It can be installed on all the current versions of Android OS and iOS. All that a parent needs is to install the app on the target device, and they are ready to spy on their kids. The app can also be used to monitor the activities of kids on computers and laptops.

The app does all this without any hint to the target user. Let’s have a look at the features of the app.

Best Monitoring App to Spy on Kids

Social media Apps Monitoring

The social networking apps monitoring flair is above and beyond in all aspects. The facility monitors all the individual and group chats. The chats can be spied on for identifying if there is any sort of inappropriate communication that can be unfitting for the child.

The conversation can be tracked for all the multimedia shared and received; the end-user can even remove the inappropriate multimedia from the chats.

All the voice notes exchanged, incoming and outgoing VoIP and video calls can be listened to in real-time, and these calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference.

Phone Calls Recording and Listening

All the incoming and outgoing phone calls of the kid’s phone can be extensively monitored using the Spy app. The calls can be listened to, recorded, and saved to the online web portal.

The parent can restrict a specific contact to communicate with the kid if the respective contact is found unsuitable in terms of communication.

Website Blocking

TheSpy App empowers the parent to block specific websites; the websites that are not supposed to be appropriate to be visited can be blocked to visit by the child.

Location Tracking

The location tracking facility allows to track the real-time location of the child all the time. The movement of the child gets saved in the form of a log. The log can be browsed to see the movement of the child at any point in time.


The geo-fencing feature of the app allows restricting the movement of the child to specific premises. The end-user marks allowed and forbidden zones to visit by the child; every time a breach of the prescribed code occurs, the end-user is notified through the email.


The keylogger feature allows identifying the password of all the installed apps using the keystrokes while the password field is active.


The protection of kids has become the most pressing issue for parents in the digital world. The purpose is well served by using the best spy app – TheOneSpy. The app allows tracking each and every bit of communication taking place through the target phone, and all purposes of parents get served.




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