The Advance Guide To Swimming Equipment 2021

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Choice of swimming equipment [Guide 2021]

If swimming is your favorite sport, whether you are a beginner, experienced, or an expert, it is essential to equip yourself with certain accessories for lifeguard training, And to be the best expert in swimming.

After choosing the basic jersey-glasses-cap equipment which helps maintain good hygiene while allowing optimized progress in the water, we are going to give you some additional and essential accessories advice.

Indeed, even if swimming consists of a sequence of movements of the arms and legs in a freeway, swimming training requires equipment aimed at developing physical endurance and working on technique.

Also, for children, during a swimming pool outing, nice equipment can be part of a real motivation for learning to swim, for both boys and girls. And so this is a point not to be overlooked.

In men’s or women’s swimsuits, there are many products in brands dedicated to swimming equipment. The fiber must be studied in order to resist as long as possible the chlorinated water of swimming pools.

It is preferable to take a swimming suit, and not just a bathing suit: it will be cut to allow good comfort throughout the workouts.

In the model for women, we will have the choice with swimmer cut swimsuits in one or two pieces. The jersey must imperatively leave the shoulder blades free.

The important thing is to feel comfortable in the movements. You have to choose it adjusted, otherwise, you will be braked and swimming is not pleasant.

For men, the choice will be made on 3 models: slip, trunk or jammer, and always with a tie around the waist. Here too, the jersey must be adjusted to allow a good glide.

For this equipment, we find well-known brands: Speedo, Arena, Tyr. There are very pretty models with very fun colors in brands known in the field of competition, therefore specialized in swimming swimsuits for use in intensive training: Turbo (leader in Water Polo), Crazyswim, Funkita for women and Funky Trunks for men (mostly available online on the net and in delivery). These brands also have nice products for children.

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For this choice, we must ensure to take glasses specially designed for swimming training. Here too, it is a guarantee of longevity of the equipment, and eye protection.

They must remain stable during dives or turns in a pool.

It is important to try on the glasses before buying them: without putting the elastic behind the head, you should feel the tightness around the eyes. Depending on the model, the nose bridge can be adjusted or changed (in this case there are several sizes of the nose bridge in the box).

Many expert swimmers who compete in competition appreciate Swedish goggles which are minimalist, tight-fitting, and lower resistance.

If you swim in an outdoor pool or in open water, make sure you choose goggles with a sun filter.

For the youngest, we will take a child model because the product is really adjusted at the nose with comfort at the eye level. It’s also easier to fit around the head

For the maintenance of the glasses: do not touch the inside, rinse with cold water and store them in a box.

You will find good models in all sports stores under the brands Speedo or Arena.

The swimming cap

For swimming training, the ideal cap is a silicone cap.

It is easy to maintain (rinse with water), and it picks up all the hair well while remaining easy to put on when you have large hair.

All swimming equipment manufacturers make caps with various colors and designs. The must is to match it with the swimsuit.

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Swimming pads, also called paddles, are demanding but essential accessories for certain training sessions.

By increasing the propulsion surface, they make it easier to work with the arms. They, therefore, contribute to muscle strengthening of the upper body while encouraging a good position of the arms to exert the traction necessary for the movement.

However, beware of the risk of injuries: they are rare in swimming, but the use of pads with a poorly executed arm movement can cause pain in the shoulders. They are therefore reserved for a confirmed or expert level.

To help you in the choice of this equipment according to the work to be privileged, you will find on our blog a complete article dedicated to the different pads with model suggestions and some examples of exercises with paddles.


Whatever your level, fins are essential to your progress in swimming: they help both physically and technically.

They make it possible to improve important points since they will develop muscular strength, endurance while looking for a good technique coupled with good positioning of the body.

Only, each model of fins has its objectives, and in order not to make a mistake in your purchase, and thus prevent yourself from swimming in a pool with hunting fins, you will find on our blog a complete guide on fins, as well as examples of sets to include in your swimming training.

The board

For all levels of swimming, the board not only allows you to exercise and correct leg kicks but also to work on the abdominal sheathing and muscle strengthening of the lower body.

For beginners, it helps to work on breathing, to put the head under the water while doing kicks close to the surface of the water.

The rigidity and size of the board are the criteria for choosing a board suitable for training. In the guide made available to you on our blog, you will find advice on choosing your future board and examples of exercises.

The buoy sweater

Wedged between the thighs, the buoy sweater is an accessory that allows you to keep a high position of the legs when you want to stay focused on working the upper body. In the technical work of the crawl, the pull buoy is essential, and if you want to improve your technique in this stroke, you will find technical programs on our page.

In order to work on the abdominal sheathing, it is also possible to place it at the ankles while exercising arm movements in the front crawl or back crawl. This exercise requires good basic musculature, and you must be careful not to injure your lower back.

You will find at all swimming equipment manufacturers, a buoy sweater. The choice will be made on its size: very thin if you swim with very tight legs, and wider, if you swim with a minimum of spacing.

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Other swimming equipment

We have just described the equipment essential to your progress in swimming. You can also find use in other accessories to target certain improvement points.

For example, a frontal snorkel can be a precious help in order to stay focused on the technical improvement of arm movements by obscuring the placement of the breath.

In order to improve your speed and endurance, you will need to work on muscle building. A complete guide is at your disposal to guide you on a choice of rubber bands. This accessory is available in several models with use in water or dry.

At the pool, the equipment can be easily transported from the locker room to the pool in a swimming net that allows rinsing and drying of the accessories to keep them as long as possible.

You will be able to store all your equipment in a bag as it does at Tyr or Arena with a compartment to store the wet swimsuit. These bags are designed to contain a large volume and they are very comfortable to transport.

If you like the great outdoors and want to swim in open water (Open Swim) when the water is still a bit cool, specialist open water brands regularly develop models of neoprene wetsuits. Prices are very variable and it is preferable to stay on brands specialized in open water or triathlon such as Orca, Head, Zone3: the neoprene layer of the wetsuit is designed to keep the flexibility of the joints used during swimming. The models are available in male or female models.

With a price of around 150 $, we can already have access to good products. Unlike swimsuits, apart from a few small details, the difficult choice in the colors will have to be between black or black …

If you are focusing on open water practice, it is imperative to equip yourself with an open water buoy (safety buoy). It will give you security if you have a problem or want to rest. Orange or pink in color, it allows other water users to spot swimmers in the distance. You can also store keys or a phone there. Here too, the same brands specializing in open water are recommended. Easily available for purchase online, the price is around 40 $ with delivery costs.

You are now more informed on the swimmer’s equipment list, and you will be able to optimize your swimming technique and your muscle building.


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