The impact of Covid-19 on Black Friday 2020

Every year, the planning to start businesses always through the campaigns of Black Friday. Black Friday considered the biggest weekend for shopping every year, so on that day, all types of efforts did to make the sales of Black Friday maximize.

It is all about in the case of previous years when everything was normal. But in this year 2020, due to the epidemic of covid-19, everything not normal. So, due to this epidemic, the world’s business leaders worried so much and wondering how they reach Black Friday.

In 2020, the impact of covid-19 is huge on Black Friday. Because after covid-19, retailers already saw a large proportion of results like Black Friday. Due to this epidemic, online sales increased. It thought that online sales in even October of 2020 would be large than the total online sales of the year 2019.

Will 2020 Black Friday, to be the same as Black Friday in Previous Years?

This year also takes place on Black Friday definitely, but with some changes. The customers will get the best deals with discounts. Due to this epidemic, in 2020, on Black Friday huge crowd is impossible to allow by governments. There are different laws across the world, but this year the sales of Black Friday in-store will be different. The government set some guidelines and rules in this epidemic situation. However, the retailers are also conscious about the safety of employees, along with these guidelines and rules. Although, for visitors, there are several restrictions.

The first step in history has taken by Walmart’s retail giant, it took too serious this pandemic and gave full intentions and closed all Walmart doors, and in decades it happened the first time. Jeff Gennette Macy’s CEO, also commented it expects that in 2020, the business of Black Friday in the store’s department move towards online.

The retailers that are heavyweight making online moves. So, there is a need to adopt the strategy of online due to this pandemic. So, the best results will get by this online strategy and on the shopping floor of Black Friday with drama and excitement.

In specific countries, the impact of covid-19 on Black Friday will also depend on the countries economic situation. Since after the outbreak of Covid-19, to dealing with lockdown, some economic strategies were adopted by different countries. There is a threat in some region’s unemployment rising. And in this type of Black Friday, the welfare payments change to halt ultimately. In the whole world, there are around millions of reductions in income. So, the sales of Black Friday it thinks will also impact the same type of income.

But the question is that, will be bigger or lower Black Friday than last year?

If Black Friday moves online, it thinks that sales of Black Friday will see to accelerates than in previous years.

Peak Sales in Covid-19 VS Black Friday

During the initial Covid-19 lockdown, certain indoor products get massive spikes; some of the main indoor products are DIY, home office and fitness, household items, home cooking, and groceries. So, there are the largest increases in the growth rate of YOY due to these product categories.

Due to the necessity of these products, sales of eCommerce increased when the Covid-19 lockdown started. All shops were closed due to this lockdown, so people did not have physical access to the shops; people had to order online their weekly groceries. All the gyms and offices were closed, so for a workout at lunchtime, people invested a skipping rope and an office chair. All the bakeries were closed, so for cake and bread at home, people invested in the equipment that using while baking.

Black Friday sales not only will have certain indoor products like fitness equipment, DIY, and household applicants but also will contain those categories that were not available on the eCommerce sales, like electronics, non-essential products. Even students can also get benefits from the early Black Friday on Assignment Writing Serviceand can make their assignments done by professionals. However, people will have the greater opportunity to buy all types of products on sales of Black Friday.

Due to this covid-19 experience, there is also an opportunity for business leaders to sell all their products in this Black Friday and will get the highest income that not earns ever in the last years and eCommerce sales. And those had inventory system, the distributor and brands also will have an opportunity on this Black Friday to huge clearance their stocks.

Psychology of Black Friday

Psychology of Black Friday associates with some hint that exclusivity of some types like a deal, %off, sale. So, the first thing that comes to mind on Black Friday is a discount. Most people only go shopping on Black Friday just because of a discount.

Moreover, Black Friday taps due to 2 key principles,

  • Shortage
  • Social proof

Black Friday deals only for one to two days, so it is a primal fear of this shortage of time and products; they want to shop in this deal as enough possible. The people want to avoid that deadly happen with their ancestors. And through social media also taps the Black Friday. People can see on Facebook all the deals and posts of their friends; people also talk about this deal of Black Friday with their colleagues.

FOMO (fear of missing) now ramp up in people due to this shortage and social proof combination of the Black Friday deal, and the things are missing out that people mostly liked.

If in 2020 Black Friday will see in these instincts, then it impossible Black Friday will get the highest spikes.

2020 Black Friday moves to Online sales

The growth rate of YOY also impacts the many external events and moving parts. But like all other events, Black Friday will not play out due to this lockdown in shopping malls. So, Black Friday also will on phones and laptops.

It is predicted that eCommerce sales are already beat this year from last year.

So, the thing that we learn this year is that anything is happening at any time, so it is not sure that Black Friday will also get high spikes.

So, there is a need to set business for Black Friday. And the customer who will come and expecting the Black Friday deal depends on business leaders to make it happen for customers.

The all the customers that visit the Black Friday store now should visit the website of Black Friday.

In 2020, due to this pandemic of Covid-19, there are many unexpected things that happened, so Black Friday is not a different thing, so anything will happen. If Black Friday moves online, then many chances it gets the highest spikes because online sales are the only thing that will happen in this epidemic of Covid-19.



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