9 Variations of Rubik’s Cubes

Rubik Cube

Types of cubes with names every champion keeps in the mind. When a professor of architecture and a sculptor from Hungary devised a puzzle in 1974, little, did he know that was creating a revolution that would influence minds for the decades to come! Initially termed as the ‘Magic Cube,’ it was sold to a toy company in 1980 which later came to be called ‘Rubik’s Cube’.

Players of Rubik’s Cube are fascinated by mental agility and problem-solving skills. Still, they are looking for more challenging games that lead to creating unique variants of the Rubik’s Cube. These variants are available at click here. Let’s walk through some of these variations of the Rubik’s Cube.

9 Variations of Rubik’s Cubes

Mirror Cube

When it is in a solved state, this puzzle looks like a simple Rubik’s Cube. However, it has a single color. Also termed as the Bump Cube, it is a variant of the 3×3 puzzle. The Cube is essentially made up of different-sized blocks. Therefore, as you execute algorithms, these blocks move around and create confusion!

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Ghost Cube

The Ghost Cube is a very difficult shapeshifter. When it is in the solved state, you need to first misalign the layers and make it functional. This Cube is very challenging because the solved state of being achieved is not a Cube shape, but slightly shifted layers. If you familiarize yourself with its shape before you scramble, it will help in your attempt to solve it.

Fisher Cube

The Fisher Cube was created by Tony Fisher back in the 80s, and it was his first-ever custom puzzle. It has a perfect cube shape, but essentially, it is a Rubik’s Cube twisted 45 degrees around a central axis, making four edge pieces become centerpieces, four centerpieces become corner pieces and this goes on. If you know how to solve the classic 3x3x3, you can easily find a solution to this Cube as well!

Windmill Cube

The windmill cube is a 3×3 cube that is cut diagonally on the white and yellow face, rather than horizontally like the classic Cubes. It is also known as SuperCube as the rotation of the center matters the most. This means that if only one center is rotated by 90 degrees in either direction or 180 degrees in either direction, the Cube is not considered as solved.

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Axis Cube

The Axis Cube is called the Axel Cube. It is a very intimidating mod when it is scrambled. However, it looks like a cube in a solved state, but it completely changes shape with every move made. You have to, therefore, focus on aligning every single piece with no exceptions.


The Dodecahedron is a 14-sided puzzle with two pentagon and 12 trapezoidal faces. The Cube changes shape with every move made. This is common with the classic 3x3x3 wherein you do not need to orient the centers. There are two triangle-shaped corners that do not need to be aligned either. An interesting element of this puzzle is that there are four colored edge pieces! This is certainly a nice collection piece!


The Megaminx is among the most compelling puzzles in the market. It was originally termed as ‘Hungarian Supernova’. This variation of the Rubik’s Cube has 12 sides with 50 moveable pieces. To put this into perspective, the standard Rubik’s Cube has only 20 moveable pieces! But if you are familiar with the classic 3x3x3 Cube, then you can easily find a solution to this puzzle as well!

The Megaminx is an official WCA event, and Juan Pablo holds the current record from Peru for a solve in 27.22 seconds!


As its name suggests, this variation of the Cube does look like a pyramid. It is technically a tetrahedron wherein the basic mechanism of solving the Rubik’s Cube stays the same. The Pyraminx is very challenging with over 933,120 combinations of moves.

The Pyraminx is also an official WCA event. Dominik Górny from Poland currently holds the record (Byczy Cube Race 2018) to solve this puzzle in 0.91 seconds!

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Earth Cube

The Earth Cube is among the most entertaining cubes in the market. This Cube comes with a map of the Earth instead of colors or stickers. However, to solve this Cube you should understand the globe’s map in the broader sense to align all the pieces together. It is a great way to also learn geography! Do you think flat-earthers can solve it?


There are so many variations of the Rubik’s Cube and we have only scratched the surface! The Rubik’s Cube and all its variations are significant tools for mental development. The higher the difficulty, the more engaging and effective the puzzle is. You can also consider enrolling yourself in Cubing programs for a better experience!


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