What Are VPS and VPN? Get To Know VPS VPN difference


Are you also one of those, tangled in the tongue-twisting duo of VPS and VPN? Then this article has been written for you. The only similarities between them are their names and virtualization technology. They serve completely different functions using the same technology. Although they both have the word “virtual” in them, their area of operation does not belong to the same worlds. While VPS is a service of dedicated OS which is hosted offline, VPN is a system of dedicated servers that optimizes the use of the internet.

A VPS behaves like a computer whereas VPN is a service. So let’s understand the differences by going through each of the concepts in detail.

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VPN or Virtual Private Network is not like your regular network but is a network of private servers. When users connect to a VPN network, both the user as well as the network gets benefitted. When you work on the internet, a lot of your data is at stake. VPN addresses this concern by promoting a secure way of dealing with the threats of the internet platform. VPN is designed to maintain the privacy of your network and the overall reputation.

Working of VPN– VPN is no rocket science but its understanding needs a reasonable level of technical know-how. The VPN technology uses all the client applications registered through devices and then routes the data via a secured connection. It routes data via channels of secured servers while simultaneously concealing your IP address. This ensures that your network stays consolidated and under constant incognito even when you are constantly exposed to innumerable threats on the internet.

Only after your VPN network confirms the channel to be secured does the data reach its desired destination. By doing this, information about your IP address and the device you are using is not exposed to the targeted website. The VPN service provider you will choose has its servers on-site for ensuring reinforced security. They conduct frequent reboots and wipe out the past content or entries.

Benefits of VPN– There is not one or two but multiple reasons to use VPN as a networking service. Apart from masking your IP address and eliminating the tracking of your work, it also allows geo-spoofing. One exceptional feature that comes up with VPN is that it bypasses all those redundant web-censorships. Let’s talk about these benefits in detail –

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  1. Browsing in private– You will be surprised to know the extent up to which the websites or your search engines can go to extract information about you. For example, have you recently noticed

that things you discuss with your friends over call or text, Google started showing search results accordingly? Even your social media platforms start showing ads for the same and then you think it’s so weird. Actually what you need is a private browser and a VPN is the best choice for that. It keeps all your browsing history private and prevents data collection.

  1. Sets you free from Geo-tracking– Once you are a VPN user, you gain freedom from location tracking. VPN network masks your IP address, encrypts, and makes the security of your server much regulated. It is quite impossible to trace the location of a VPN user.
  2. Access OTT content from anywhere– Has it occurred to you that a trending series in the US, is not available in your country. Well, it is a very common phenomenon as that piece of content must be restricted by your OTT platform in your geographic location. Well, why cribbing over it when you have a VPN that will block all such restrictions and will stream any content you want to binge-watch.
  3. Skirts around ISP censorships– Different countries have a different set of censorships. Such censorship can be utterly unreasonable. They stop you from accessing many websites and content online. A VPN network bypasses all such censorship and allows you to access all possible pieces of content.
  4. Protects your device while on public Wi-Fi– Whenever you visit any public places like cafes, libraries, etc. you instantly try connecting your device to the free Wi-Fi available. But some so many hackers are eagerly waiting for you to connect to such unregulated public Wi-Fi to get into your device’s data. So next time you connect to public Wi-Fi, make sure that you have protected your device with a VPN network.

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VPS or Virtual Private Server is a hosting platform that uses virtualization technology and divides the whole server into virtual compartments. It is as good as dedicated hosting as it provides almost the same level of user and resource isolation. The best part about a VPS server is that it is not as expensive as a dedicated server but promises the same personal space as the latter.

Working of VPS– A full-fledged business cannot run under the limitations of a shared server. It becomes difficult to sustain with a specific amount of resources like memory, bandwidth, and space. VPS environment configures your server in a way that it gets all the resources in the right amount. Your server space will be an independent space that is secluded from other users on the same server. All the compartments share the same hardware but will face negligible interference.

Benefits of VPS– Users often complain of running out of the shared hosting capacities. VPS hosting seems to be the last resort then. This generally happens on e-commerce websites or websites that deal with public details in bulk. Here are the benefits of a VPS server –

  1. Stellar performance– Performance is something that you will never have to complain about once your website gets hosted on a VPS server. There is no buffer time in the availability of the resource that leads to even better performance. Such reliable data backup systems and restoration competency certify for stellar performance.
  2. Stabilized and strengthened security– The virtual compartments within the VPS server environment improve security and stability. Both the features are nothing compared to a shared server. The users are secluded in such a promising way that any changes made to your neighbor user will not at all affect your hosted space.
  3. Ondemand scalability– A VPS server will; always motivate you in expanding your business by providing full freedom of scaling up anytime. Also, scaling up in a VPS server just takes a few minutes.
  4. Affordable– It’s always fruitful to act under budget constraints and a VPS server will turn out to be the best investment of the lifetime. VPS server is the most affordable hosting, yet gives you the power to customize your server space as per your business line.

VPN vs VPS is out of the question now. But the surprising element here is that both of them can be used together. The security of the VPS server can be advanced by bringing a VPN network on-board. You will be using it to connect to the server account. The exemplary properties of a VPN network will transfer files and data across multi-channels in a secured manner.

Your VPS server can also be used as a VPN that will optimally utilize the server to generate plenty of IPs. Such a VPN network will act as a premium VPN service.

Your company can enjoy the benefits of both the VPS and VPN at the same time. It is of no harm and both will come out as a valuable asset that can scale up your business regardless of the situation. But before committing to any service, you can contact us to discuss further in detail.

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