Top 7 Myths About Photography Profession

About Photography

If you like snapping images and don’t want to sit in an office on the computer for the whole day, photography is a good career option for you. Photography gives you wings to schedule your own working hours.

Starting a career as a pro photographer is quite exciting. Photography is different from other professions; you need to have creative and technical skills to capture appealing images. Photography is more about the experience rather than the degree. To become a great photographer, you need practical knowledge rather than academic education. In this profession, you have to face new and interesting challenges every day.

Like any other profession, there are many types of photography genres. You can pursue your career as a wedding photographer, event photographer, corporate photographer, product photographer, fashion photographer, etc.

Apart from capturing lasting memories, photography is a great profession to generate more income. You can earn good money by signing commercial photography projects or selling stock images on various websites. However, like many other careers, this profession is surrounded by clutches of misconceptions. In this article, we will bust some of the myths about photography.

High-quality Equipment Are Not Essential For Photoshoots

The alluring images can be taken with normal cameras, maybe you have heard this statement. However, it’s absolutely wrong. It’s not possible to capture professional-level photos without high-quality equipment. If you are serious about making a career in photography, you need to spend good enough bucks on professional cameras and other essential photography equipment.

Taking Lots Of Pictures Is Best To Way To Capture Best Shots

The other most common myth that people have is that clicking a lot of pictures is best for getting appealing pictures. Indeed, random clicks will not work; you need to focus on quality images instead of quantity. It’s true that some moments like wedding kisses, award receiving moments, etc., required a lot of random clicks. But, this method will not work for every photo shoot.

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Only Wedding Photography Is A Great Way To Make Bucks

Although there are myriad photography genres, some people have a misconception that wedding shoots are the only way to earn more dollars. As discussed above, this wonderful art has many niches. The demand for commercial photography is increasing day by day. You can also consider this stream of photography to earn a plentiful amount.

 The second Photographer Is Optional To Shoot An Event

It is okay to shoot small programs such as children’s showers, children’s birthday celebrations, etc., without an assistant photographer. But when it comes to capturing corporate events, weddings, conferences, etc., you cannot handle things alone. In such cases, you need to hire another photographer. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for you to capture every moment.

Networking Is Not Important For Photography Business

While digital marketing strategies make it easy to advertise a business, you still need to have a good social network to get potential photography clients. For instance, if you choose wedding photography to pursue your career, you need to make good connections with wedding planners, flowers, catering managers, etc.

Photoshop Is Enough For Editing

In today’s competitive world, just quality equipment and good photography skills are not enough. You need to have good knowledge of photo editing tools to give the final finish to the picture. Being one of the best editing tools, Photoshop has a basic version, too, which is totally free. But, nowadays, you will get more advanced photo editing software on the web. So, don’t constrain yourself to photoshop and try the more specialized version of photo editing software.

Creative Shots Can Be Shooted IN Beautiful Locations

There is a myth from some novice photographers that nice images can only be photographed in beautiful locations. However, photography is not about taking photos in beautiful places. It is the art of capturing the subject beautifully.

The Bottom Line:

Photography is one of the great career options for creative people. Do not let your courage diminish due to the myths given above.



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