What Is PMP? Know The Top Benefits Of Doing PMP Certification

Project Management Professional

Project management plays a crucial role in any organization. Experienced and skilled Project Management professionals are always in great demand by companies. The Project Management Certification helps aspirants to become highly skilled Project Managers that employers are looking for.

This certification demonstrates that you possess the required skills, knowledge, and experience in leading and directing projects. The PMP certification is one of the most prestigious and globally-recognized credentials for aspirants aiming for the Project Manager role.

What Is PMP?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the body responsible for regulating this Project Management certificate. Commercial, non-commercial, and government organizations hire PMP-certified professionals to enhance their success rate by managing projects effectively. PMP is ranked as the top and leading project management credential by CIO magazine.

Several PMP certification courses are available, enabling aspirants to pursue them depending upon their knowledge and experience. Some PMP certifications are, as follows:

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • Certified Project Manager (CPM)
  • CompTIA Project+
  • Master Project Manager (MPM)
  • Project Management in IT Security (PMITS)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

The PMP certification cost depends on the course you select and the training organization you choose to pursue.

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Eligibility Criteria

To earn the PMP certificate, one has to appear for the PMP examination. However, one must fit into the eligibility criteria defined by the PMI body to take the PMP exam. The eligibility criteria at a glance:

  • Possess a four-year bachelor’s degree or a high-school diploma
  • Have to pursue 35 hours of Project Management training
  • 36 months of experience in leading projects for a four-year bachelor’s degree, and 60 months of experience in leading projects for an associate’s degree or a high-school diploma.

For candidates who are beginners in the project management domain, the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification is mandatory, if the training of 35 hours is not pursued.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Project Managers

Project Managers are responsible for making every small decision related to projects. They act as an interface between the team members and the project. Below are the primary and significant roles of Project Managers in any organization:

  • Activity planning and resource allocation
  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • Report and document management
  • Cost and budget estimation
  • Team organization and task distribution
  • Customer satisfaction assurance

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5 Benefits Of Project Management Professional Certification

  1. Stay Ahead In The Competition

The PMP certificate is beneficial for both candidates and employers, to stay ahead in the competition. Employers primarily hire a Project Manager that is certified and skilled. As PMP is internationally recognized, organizations are hiring PMP certified professionals. Candidates with the PMP credential can stand out from the crowd and acquire the Project Manager job role in any reputed company.

  1. Outline And Execute New Strategies

PMP certified professionals can think out of the box and implement new strategies that would be efficient and beneficial for the organization. These professionals are ambitious and aim to boost the organization’s growth and productivity.

  1. More New Projects

PMP certified professionals have the ability to manage projects effectively and smartly. They utilize their experience, knowledge, and skills to direct and lead projects. Moreover, they have the ability to handle unclear and undefined project objectives. This will result in gaining more new projects from new and existing clients.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a significant role in any organization’s growth and development. The more the number of customers is satisfied, the better the organization can develop and expand. PMP certified Project Managers ensure that the project is delivered successfully without faults and within the given deadline.

  1. Boosts Work Culture

It is sure that having PMP certified Project Managers can boost the organization’s work culture. The team members working under the Project Manager will learn managing lessons. Therefore, the entire work culture will be effective and efficient.

The Project Management Professional Certification offers a gamut of benefits for employees and organizations. Koenig Solutions is a well-known and reputed training organization for PMP training. One of the best advantages of pursuing the PMP course at this center is it offers one-to-one training. Therefore, it is possible to take coaching at your own pace and time.


Get hired as a Project Manager at any widely recognized company with the PMP certification online training at Koenig Solutions.




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