What You Need to Know About Singapore Immigration Visa Schemes

When it comes to Singapore, there is absolutely no doubt that it is one of the best business and commercial hubs that Southeast Asia has to offer. One of the main reasons for this is because Singapore’s immigration policies are designed to attract working professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs from just about any part of the world that you can think of.

There are five different working visa schemes in Singapore — Employment Pass Scheme, Entrepreneur Pass Scheme, Personalized Employment Pass Scheme, S Pass Scheme, Miscellaneous Work Pass Scheme, and Other Immigration Visa Schemes. This text should help you learn more about all the work permit schemes that are available in Singapore for both foreign working professionals and foreign entrepreneurs.

Employment Pass Scheme

When it comes to the Employment Pass, it is one of the most important types of work permit that Singapore has to offer these days. The Employment Pass is meant for both skilled employees and company owners who are planning on working in Singapore. Your fixed monthly salary should always be more than S$3,600. There aren’t any official quota systems in place when it comes to how many Employment Passes can be issued.

An Employment Pass is initially issued for one to two years. As far as the Permanent Residence Eligibility, you — as an Employment Pass holder — would be able to apply for PR in due course.

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Entrepreneur Pass Scheme

The Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass for short) is a different variation of the Employment Pass. If you are the owner of a newly incorporated (or soon to be incorporated) Singapore company and if you would like to relocate to Singapore and operate your new business from there, the Entrepreneur Pass is what you should apply for.

An Entrepreneur Pass is initially issued for one year and it remains renewable as long as the business remains viable. And just like the Employment Pass, there aren’t any official quota systems in place when it comes to how many Entrepreneur Passes can be issued. Entrepreneur Pass owners are also allowed to apply for Permanent Residence in due course.

Personalized Employment Pass Scheme

This is a special type of Employment Pass that is not linked to any specific employers. One of the biggest benefits of having a Personalized Employment Pass lies in the fact that you can go from one job to another without having to apply for a new employment pass. But for this to work, you should not be without a job for more than six months. However, one of the biggest downsides of having a Personalized Employment Pass is that you are not allowed to start your own company. Also, the eligibility requirements for this type of pass are quite strict.

A Personalized Employment Pass is issued for three years and it is not renewable. This pass is meant to be used by well-paid professionals who are looking for a job in Singapore. There is no official quota system in place for this pass. Personalized Employment Pass holders are allowed to apply for Permanent Residence in due course.

S Pass Scheme

The S Pass is meant to be used by employees with moderate skills who earn at least S$2,200 a month. If you would like to apply for this pass, you need to have either a diploma or a degree. Applicants that have technical certificates might be able to apply for the S Pass as well. Keep in mind that your certification should include at least one year of full-time study.

An S Pass is initially issued for one to two years. Unlike the above-mentioned passes, there is a special quota system in place for the S Pass. It is also important to note that the S Pass can also apply for Permanent Residence.

Miscellaneous Work Pass Scheme

The Miscellaneous Work Pass is issued to employees who came to Singapore to work on short-term assignments. You may consider yourself eligible for a Miscellaneous Work Pass if you are involved in just about any activity that is directly related to either the conduct or organization of any seminar, gathering, workshop, or conference regarding topics like religion, politics, or race/community. You will also be issued this pass if you are a foreign religious worker who is giving talks about any religion, or if you are a foreign reporter, journalist, or an accompanying crew member that is not sponsored by any Singapore Government agencies.

It is also important to note that there isn’t any particular quota system in place for the Miscellaneous Work Pass. Miscellaneous Work Pass holders are not allowed to apply for Permanent Residence in Singapore.

Other Immigration Visa Schemes

A Singapore Dependant’s Pass is meant for both spouses and unmarried children that are less than 21 years old of either Employment or S Pass holders who earn at least S$6,000 a month. Also, keep in mind that holders of professional work passes are allowed to apply for Permanent Residence in due course.

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