10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

Python is the most popular language when I speak about developers and industries looking for more massive profits. It is essential to understand why it is so popular and what is the need to learn another programming language.

RedMonk recently published its survey regarding the most popular language among developers and industries. According to this survey, it has moved from position third to second position.

Now let me write about some reasons that I can suggest to you that will help you in making a wise decision to learn Python.


Simple Syntax

The syntax that is used in Python is similar to what anyone would write in the English language. It gives a headstart to your career if thinking of starting as a Data Scientist. Python uses indentation as a means to separate the blocks and functions written in Python. This increases the readability of any code in Python. So as a developer, your primary focus would be business logic and not the syntax or any documentation for Python.

High Flexibility and Extensibility

Python code can be easily moved across different platforms, whether it is a Linux machine or a Windows system or MAC OS, and so on. Also, it can be integrated with other programming languages like C, C++, Java, and so on.

Extensive library available

Python has access to extensive library functions that will help in the development of websites or if we are doing a research project in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

NumPy is a popular library available in Python that can be used to perform complicated mathematical computations. It can handle multi-dimensional arrays.

SciPy is another library function that can be used to carry out the mathematical integration process or analysis of data.

Pandas is a library function that is used for the analysis of data. It is built on top of the SciPy library.

Few other library functions are available in Python are Scikit-Learn, PyLearn2, PyBasic, and so on.

Easy to develop a website

With the availability of Django and Flask frameworks, it is easy to develop web-based applications. The developers can use other frameworks like TurboGears, Bottle, Sanic, Web2Py, and many more for additional functionalities on the web.

By use of these frameworks, developers can write scripts for the website in no time. Automation of specific tasks is possible with Python thereby reducing the overall time needed for development. Also, Python is found to be useful for web scraping of data.

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Python for Data Visualization

Python can be used for many applications. Data Visualization is one of its applications. It has Matplotlib, Altair, Pygal, Seaborn, Gleam, to name a few available for Data Visualization.

Data Visualization is an important application that is needed to interpret a large set of data for non-technical people like people from the Sales or Marketing department, Product Design team, and so on. These data sets need to be represented in graphical or chart form. This can be easily achieved using Python.

Python for testing domain

Python comes out as a powerful tool when dealing with automation testing. Python has frameworks like PyTest, UniTest, Lettuce, and Robot that can be used for testing across different browsers and different platforms.

It also has several frameworks that are specialized for testing purposes. This speeds you the entire process of debugging. It also fastens up the workflow.

Python use for Enterprise application Integration

You can easily embed Python in different applications. It can also be integrated with other programming or scripting languages. For example, it can call CORBA components. It can also call functions of Java, C++, or C.

Python is a perfect partner for scripting languages like Java, C, and C++, making it famous for using it for scripting an application.

Python can quickly process a given text and integrate it with existing programming languages. Owing to these reasons, Python is used to develop Graphical User Interface and Desktop-based applications.

Excellent scripting language

Python is not only famous as a programming language. It is also popular as a scripting language. Like another scripting language, the code written in Python needs no compilation. It is directly translated to machine language by the interpreter. It is as simple as writing a code, executing it.

The machine itself interprets the code, executes it. Also, errors are recognized only during runtime.

An active community of developers

Though Python is an open-source and free tool, it has a group of active developers that are working towards its development. They are continually working to provide fixes to different issues faced by developers during the development cycle.

These developers are continually working to provide newer libraries and tools to enhance the functionality of Python.

A higher range of salaries

Industries are lookout for skilled Python developers. They also have an added advantage when competing against other developers who do not have Python as a part of their skillset.

According to recent research conducted by Daxx, Python developers are among the highest-paid professionals.

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The average yearly package, for a Python developer, is the USA is $110K. At the same time, Python developers earn between $115K-$130K while working in New York and California.

I hope after giving these reasons, you would have a practical reason for yourself to start learning Python and step towards a successful future.

Why is it important to learn Python?

Learning Python gives you an edge when it comes to using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It also helps you learn about the inner workings of these technologies.

Is Python the best for machine learning?

Python is an excellent programming language for machine learning. It can take a lot of different forms depending on what you want to do. For example, if you want to build your own chatbot, you would use Python.

What is Python programming language used for?

Python is the language of choice when building data science tools. That’s why we use it to train our AI.

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. It was developed by Guido van Rossum (also known as Bill Venner and Bill Pearse) during the 1990s at AT&T Laboratories Research.

Python is a very popular language for many applications due to its ease of use, code readability, dynamic typing, powerful object-oriented features, and rich standard library.

The language has two major families of implementation languages. The original language was developed as an extension of ABC, but it was later rewritten from scratch by van Rossum.

Python combines remarkable power and efficiency with clear syntax.

The Python programming language is a widely-used general-purpose language for software development. It is a dynamic, interactive, object-oriented language.

The primary focus of the language is on rapid application development.

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