How to choose a wireless router: 5 things to consider

wireless router

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see small, portable boxes located inconspicuously in shops, schools, offices, and homes. Wireless routers have become an important part of our lives and, while the sizes of these boxes may seem insignificant, the work of the entire world depends on them. Several factors need to be taken into account when choosing the best wireless router.

Whether assembling the router at home or at your office, you would definitely want to have an internet connection with a fast speed. However, things are not as simple as they are seen to be. For the average working individual, picking a wireless router that not only offers fast connection speeds but offers competitive prices is perhaps the most important decision.

From affordability to network speed to the product characteristics, how can one pick and choose between the numerous wireless router brands available on the market? Read on to find out the 5 basic things you should consider when buying a wireless router – and not end up regretting your decision.

The affordability of the router

For most people, this is the highest point on the list when it comes to buying wireless routers. Prices can range from low to very high when various router brands are compared. The needs of your home and work lives will ultimately determine how much you are willing to pay for the device. While a wireless router has become an obligatory accessory in today’s world, it is only reasonable to consider brands that offer mid-range prices that are feasible for the average population.

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The processing capacity of the router

The Wi-Fi is used for numerous daily activities which include surfing the web, downloading data, watching movies, and so on. One can imagine the capacity required by the router to perform countless functions. In order for the router to handle data, the type of processor it has is extremely important. In simple terms, routers may utilize one or all of two fundamental frequency bands – one is 2.4 GHz and the other 5 GHz. For the most basic functions, so-called ‘single-band’ routers may be used. These utilize only the 2.4 GHz and are now fairly obsolete due to the increasing demands of the fast-paced world. Dual-band routers operate on both frequency bands (one wireless network uses the 2.4 GHz band while the other works on the 5 GHz band) and offer the possibility of carrying out tasks that require a higher and faster processing ability. Should the need to manage multiple devices arise, tri-band routers are also available to make this job easier. Choosing a router with a particular processor mainly depends on the type of work that needs to be carried out using it. This is discussed in more detail within the context of the next point.

The speed of the connection

It goes without saying that a slow connection speed hampers work and contributes to the increasing psychological tension felt by an individual. If this is seen within a work setting, only one can only imagine the worker’s level of frustration. While the true speed of the router is only known by a special team of company members, a fair estimate can be made based on customer experiences and the product specifications provided. Over the past few years, newer models have been emerging which boast higher and higher megabits per second (Mbps) – the unit by which the speed can be assessed. As most of the work nowadays is done using Wi-Fi, considering the connection speed is essential when deciding which router to buy.

The reliability of the brand

Buying a product and being disappointed because it did not turn out the way you wanted is a feeling which many people can relate to. In order to avoid this, the buyer should make sure to do sufficient research on the various router brands on the market. The best indication of a brand’s reliability is the customer’s own past experiences with it. Users tend to gravitate towards buying brands they have previously been left satisfied by. Not only does their own experience help them in making a decision but so does the experiences of other consumers.

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The lifespan of a wireless router

Last but not the least, the age of a device is an important aspect to consider when going for a wireless router. In most cases, a wireless router is bought to handle multiple tasks at decent connection speeds. It must be appreciated that loads that exceed the router’s capacity can place an unnecessary burden on it and may reduce its lifespan. This can be an important factor to reflect upon when investing in this device in the long run.


The dream to have fast connection speeds at affordable prices and with long lifespans is not a far-fetched one. One shoe does not fit all and different individuals have different requirements when it comes to routers. Keeping these five fundamental aspects in mind can help the buyer arrive at a smooth and hassle-free conclusion.



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